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The first number in the reference is the whole number of the issue (nos. 53-56); the second is the page within the issue. Thus, 56:206 signifies whole number 56, page 206.


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53 (Vol. 14, no. 1)

Blake, Frontispiece to Innocence, Songs of Innocence and of Experience, copy D, 6

Blake, “Every Man also Gave Him a Piece of Money,” 8

Blake, “The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes,” 9

Blake, “Saint Paul Shaking off the Viper,” 4

John Flaxman, “Slay-good,” 16

John Flaxman, “Come thou Blessed,” 23

John Flaxman, “Monument to George Steevens,” 24

John Flaxman, “Self-Portrait,” 25

John Flaxman, “Study of a woman and child,” 27

John Flaxman, “A sleeping man,” 28

John Flaxman, “Deliver the Captive,” 29

John Flaxman, “Ulysses terrified by the Ghosts,” 30

56 (Vol. 14, no. 2)

Blake, “The Angelic Boat Wafting Over the Souls for Purgation,” 45

Blake, detail, Jerusalem 18, 46

Blake, Jerusalem 20, 47

Blake, details, Jerusalem 24 and 39, 49

Blake, “Noah’s Ark,” 50

Anonymous, “Le retour de la coulombe a l’àrche,” 51

Anonymous, “Christ Calming the Sea,” 52

Anonymous, “The City of Dis,” 52

Blake, Jerusalem 25 and 33, 54

Assyrian Winged Moon on Assyrian Cylinder, 55

Blake, “Tauri Lunati,” 56

Blake, “Epitome of James Hervey’s ‘Meditations Among the Tombs’,” 57

Blake, “Joshua Crossing Jordan,” 58

Cromek after Blake, Frontispiece to Malkin’s A Father’s Memoirs of His Child, 62

Blake’s own engraving of his design for the frontispiece to Malkin’s Memoirs, 63

Domenico Cunigo after Michelangelo, Frescoes on the Sistine Ceiling engraved in outline, 68-9

Michelangelo, Creation of Adam, 70

Blake, Elohim Creating Adam, 70

Michelangelo, Creation of Eve, 71

Blake, Satan exulting over Eve, 71

Michelangelo, The Fall and the Expulsion, 72

Blake, God Judging Adam, 73

Blake, House of Death, 74

Blake, Nebuchadnezzar, 74

Blake, The Good and Evil Angels, 75

Michelangelo, Creation of the Sun and Moon, 75

Blake, Lamech and His Two Wives, 78

Blake, Naomi Entreating Ruth and Orpah, 78

Blake, Pity, 79

Blake, Hecate, 79

Michelangelo, Erythraean Sibyl, 80

Blake, Newton, 81

Blake, Christ Appearing to the Apostles, 82

Michelangelo, Head of one of the ignudi, 83

Wood engraved illustrations from The People’s Almanac, 1834 and 1836, 94

Blake’s design for Stedman’s Narrative, vol. I, p. 182, 95

Blake, “The dead ardours,” and sketch on verso—a revenant?, 97

55 (Vol. 14, no. 3)

Engraving of Moses Haughton’s portrait of Joseph Johnson, 145

J. K. Lavater, Aphorisms on Man, p. 169, 157

L. Schiavonetti after T. Phillips, William Blake, 164

56 (Vol. 14, no. 4)

George Cumberland, inscription on verso of Blake’s “Enoch,” 182

Blake’s “Enoch,” 182

John Trivett Nettleship, “God with eyes turned inward upon his own glory,” 186

J. T. Nettleship, pencil drawings, 186

J. T. Nettleship, title page for Epic of Women by Arthur W. E. O’Shaugnessy, 187

J. T. Nettleship, illustration for “A Neglected Harp” in Epic of Women, 187

J. T. Nettleship, illustration for “A Troth for Eternity” in Epic of Women, 187

E. J. Ellis, pencil drawing, 188

J. T. Nettleship, autotype with inscription, “FIRST PLEASURE, NEXT AMBITION’S CROWN / LAST DEATH ITSELF IS TRAMPLED DOWN,” 188

J. T. Nettleship, two pencil drawings, 189

J. T. Nettleship, autotype, 190

J. T. Nettleship, “Madness,” autotype in sepia, 190



J. T. Nettleship, “HIGHER, NOT NIGHER, WE ASPIRE,” 192


Lucas van Leyden, “Calvary,” 198

Hogarth, Industry and Idleness, pl. XI, “The Idle ’Prentice Executed at Tyburn,” 199

Blake, Milton, copy C, pl. 3, 201

Albrecht Dürer, “Crucifixion,” from the Small Passion, 203

Goltzius after Raphael, “The Triumph of Galatea,” 207

W. J. Linton, Tailpieces[e] from Gilchrist, Vol. 1, pp. 126 and 233, 208

Blake, Job 12, 209

Tailpiece from Gilchrist, Vol. I, p. 160, 210

Tailpieces from Gilchrist, Vol. I, pp. 304, 367; Vol. II, p. 24, 210

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