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Recent Blake publications:


  1. Adams, Hazard Review of Alicia Ostriker’s Vision and Verse in William Blake, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, xxv (Fall, 1966), 107-108.

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  3. Adlard, J. “Tasso and the cock and the lion in Blake’s ‘Milton’”, Symposium, XX (Spring, 1966), 5-6.

  4. Review of G. Keynes’ book: William Blake; Dichter, Drucker, Prophet, Werk, LIII (October, 1966), sup. 255.

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  8. Cormack, M. “Fitzwilliam Museum’s Collection of Drawings,” Apollo (ns), LXXXIII (February, 1966), 131.

  9. Grant, J. E. and F. C. Robinson[e] Discussion of F. C. Robinson’s article “Verb Tense in Blake’s ‘The Tyger,’” (PMLA, Dec. ’64), PMLA, LXXXI (December, 1966), 596-603.

  10. Halliburton, D. G. “Blake’s French Revolution: the Figura and Yesterday’s News,” Studies in Romanticism, V (Spring, 1966), 158-68.

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  12. Preston, K. “Note on Blake Sources,” Apollo (ns), LXXXIV (November, 1966), 384-7.

  13. Rose, E. J. “Visionary forms Dramatic: Grammatical and Iconographical Movement in Blake’s Verse and Designs,” Criticism, VIII (Spring, 1966), 111-25.

  14. “Circle of the Life of Man and the Sea of Time and Space,” Connoisseur,[e] CLXL (January, 1966), 47. (Reproductions)** Correction by G. E. Bentley, Jr. (December 1968): The reference... to E. J. Rose, “The Circle of the Life of Man,” Connoisseur CLXI (January 1966) is a ghost; on this page is merely a photograph of the Arlington Court picture; it is not connected with an article at all, and Rose has no article in the journal.[e]

  15. Weeks, D. Review of Bentley and Nurmi: Blake Bibliography, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, XXIV, no. 3 (Spring, 1966), 455-6.

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  17. Whistler, L. Review of ‘Book of Thel,’ facsimile, Connoisseur, CLXI (April, 1966), 267.

  18. TLS Review of Raymond Lister’s Beulah to Byzantium: A Study of Parallels in the Works of W. B. Yeats, William Blake, Samuel Palmer, and Edward Calvert, no. II in the Dolmen Press Yeats Centenary Papers, TLS (10 February, 1966), p. 99.


  19. Connolly, Thomas E. and George Levine “Pictorial and Poetic Design in Two Songs of Innocence,” PMLA, LXXXII (May, 1967), 257-264.

  20. Goldman, Arnold Review of Bentley and Nurmi: Blake Bibliography, Notes and Queries, XIV (January, 1967), 35-36.

  21. Harrold, William “Blake’s ‘Tyger’ and Vaughn’s ‘Cock-Crowing,’” Notes and Queries, XIV (January, 1967), 20-21.

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