Volume 12 · Issue 1

Summer 1978

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G. E. BENTLEY, JR. (University of Toronto) is concerned primarily with Blake, Flaxman, Cumberland, and illustrated books of the 1790s.

MARY CLARKE is editor of Britain’s leading dance magazine, Dancing Times (3 Hand Court, Holborn). Among her books are Making a Ballet and Understanding a Ballet, both written in collaboration with Clement Crisp.

RAYMOND H. DECK, JR.’s articles on Blake have appeared in recent issues of Blake and Studies in Romanticism. He recently received his Ph.D. from Brandeis University and will be looking for a job.

ROBERT N. ESSICK is co-editor, with Donald Pearce, of Blake in His Time, a collection of essays on Blake’s art forthcoming from Indiana Univ. Press.

RUTH E. FINE is National Gallery of Art Curator for Alverthorpe Gallery (Jenkintown, Pa.), which houses the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection. She compiled the checklist of Blake material in that collection (Blake Newsletter 35).

FRANK GRAZIANO is working toward an MFA at the Writer’s Workshop, University of Iowa. He is the author of four chapbooks of poetry. “The Last Judgement” is from his manuscript The First Book of Og, King of Bashan, written after Blake’s illustrations for Blair’s The Grave.

JEAN H. HAGSTRUM (Northwestern University) is completing a book tentatively entitled Eros and Sensibility: Sexual and Ideal Love from Milton to Mozart. His Blake Poet & Painter will be reissued in the fall of 1978 by the University of Chicago Press as a Phoenix paperback.

GUNNAR HARDING is a Swedish poet.

CHRISTOPHER HEPPNER is an Assistant Professor of English at McGill, and has published essays on Blake in Blake and Colby Library Quarterly.

JOE NAPORA is a poet and filmmaker, with recent poems scheduled for publication in Kuksu and etc.

MARTIN K. NURMI’S most recent book is William Blake (1975), an introduction to the poetry.

MORTON D. PALEY is Co-Editor of Blake. His most recent book is a study of Blake’s art (1978).

R. W. PEATTIE (Univ. of Calgary) has published articles on the Rossettis and on Swinburne and is preparing a biography of W. M. Rossetti.

MARCIA TILLOTSON (University of New Mexico) is editing the Byron apocrypha, a checklist of which is forthcoming shortly.

GUNNEL TOTTIE teaches English at Stockholm University.

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