[The Missing Portions of “Blake in the Marketplace, 1995”]

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This section of Robert N. Essick’s “Blake in the Marketplace, 1995, Including a Survey of Blakes in Private Ownership,” was inadvertently[e] omitted from the spring 1996 issue. The omitted section began at the bottom of page 117 and should have carried over to page 118.

Hayley, Life of Romney, 1809. Heritage Book Shop, Feb. private offer, small-paper issue slightly trimmed, Blake’s pl. thinly printed but clean, full calf by R. De Coverly ($1350). Adam Mills, March cat. 32, #117, contemporary ink signature of “William Bayly, Junr,” and a later pencil note (“a friend of Blake’s—and Johnson Cowper’s editor”), some pls. spotted or stained in margins, contemporary half calf, joints cracking (£500); same copy and price, July cat. 33, #23, Oct. cat. 34, #20. I can find no other reference to Blake having a friend named “Bayly,” but a “William Bayley” was a member of the jury that found Blake innocent of sedition and assault on 11 Jan. 1804 (G. E. Bentley, Jr., Blake Records [Oxford: Clarendon P, 1969] 140). Did Blake have a “friend” on the jury? I can find no record of Bayly/Bayley having been involved in editing Cowper. Perhaps whoever wrote the reference to Blake was confusing “William Bayly” with William Hayley, Blake’s patron and the author/editor of The Life, and Posthumous Writings, of William Cowper, published by Joseph Johnson in 1803-04. The Antique & Book Collector, July cat., #24, Blake’s pl. only extracted (£225). CE, 27 Sept., #138, some soiling, 19th-century half morocco worn ($58). John Windle, Dec. cat. 26, #43, half calf, hinges repaired, from the Joseph Holland collection ($450).

Hayley, Little Tom the Sailor. Broadside, printed in black. John Windle, Dec. cat. 26, #3, from the Joseph Holland collection, headpiece, tailpiece, and colophon illus. (price on inquiry; acquired by R. Essick). See illus. 6.

Hayley, Triumphs of Temper, 1803. James Burmester, Feb. cat. 27, #34, apparently small paper, contemporary calf rebacked (£300). Robert Clark, March cat. 39, #200, some foxing, contemporary calf rebacked (£285). John Windle, April cat. 24, #43, large paper, fine impressions, uncut in original blue boards, lower part of backstrip worn away, slight spotting in some margins ($1975). E. M. Lawson, April cat. 272, #64, apparently small paper, contemporary calf rebacked (£220). Quaritch, June cat. 1208, #18, large paper, contemporary calf (£1200). John Windle, July “Summer” cat., #31, small paper, lacking the half title, some foxing and offsetting from the pls., calf rebacked, joints repaired ($475); same copy and price, Dec. cat. 26, #206. The Antique & Book Collector, July cat., #20-23, 4 unidentified pls. extracted and sold individually (£125 each). Simon Finch, Oct. cat. 26, #70, small paper, contemporary calf worn, front joint restored (£380); same copy and price, Dec. “Occasional List” 13, #43. Wilsey Rare Books, Nov. private offer, small-paper issue in original boards uncut, “HAYLEY.” neatly written in pen and ink on the spine, the begin page 63 | back to top price (“6/-”) in pen and ink on the front cover top left ($650). John Windle, Dec. cat. 26, #37, small paper, with the half title, full calf rebacked, joints crudely repaired, from the Joseph Holland collection ($475).

Henry, Memoirs of Albert de Haller, 1783. James Burmester, Nov. cat. 30, #123, contemporary calf (a bargain at £75).

Hoare, An Inquiry, 1806. John Windle, Dec. cat. 26, #207, uncut in modern calf ($850).

Hogarth, The Beggar’s Opera by Hogarth and Blake, 1965, with a restrike from Blake’s original copperplate. John Windle, Dec. cat. 26, #208, original folding case slightly worn ($975).

Hogarth, Works. CSK, 10 Feb., #100, undated Baldwin & Cradock issue, 158 pls. on 116 leaves, some pls. torn or stained, contemporary half morocco worn (£880). The Antique & Book Collector, July cat., #3, Blake’s pl. of “Beggar’s Opera, Act III,” only, “fourth and final state”—i.e., anything between the 2nd and 7th published sts. (£450). CSK, 8 Sept., #38, undated Baldwin & Cradock issue, 152 pls. on 113 leaves, some leaves torn, half roan very worn (£618.75); #39, 1822 issue, 155 pls. on 120 leaves, some soiling, contemporary calf worn (£787.50); #40, 1822 issue, 155 pls. on 120 leaves, some tears and soiling, contemporary calf worn (£675). CL, 25 Oct., #129, 1822 ed., 2 vols., 151 pls. on 118 leaves, contemporary calf rubbed (£1265).

Hunter, Historical Journal, 1793. E. M. Lawson, April cat. 272, #40, quarto issue, imprint on title shaved (as often), contemporary half calf rebacked (£1850). James Fenning, Oct. cat. 138, #194, octavo issue, recent quarto calf (£850). The 19th Century Shop, Nov. cat. 42, #65, quarto issue, imprint on title present, some staining, early calf rehinged ($4800). Charles Traylen, Dec. cat. 118, #80, quarto issue, contemporary calf, hinges repaired (£3300).

Josephus, Works, c. 1795? Adam Mills, March cat. 32, #150, a few tears, contemporary calf rebacked (£250; acquired by D. W. Dörrbecker). According to information supplied by the new owner, it would seem that this is an unrecorded issue between B and C in Bentley: the title page has “By the King’s Royal License and Authority” at the top, as in C, but retains from B “to which is now first added” and (as the final line) “And sold by all other Booksellers in Great Britain.” BBA, 6 July, #197, dated to “1792” in the auction cat. but no date appears on the title page, with “Whole” in the title as in Bentley’s issues B-E, some spotting, contemporary calf rebacked (Trotter, £115).

Lavater, Aphorisms on Man. Robert Clark, June cat. 40, #185, 1789 ed., later quarter roan worn (£160). Quaritch, June cat. 1208, #19, 1788 ed., slight spotting, half calf (£600). Jarndyce, July cat. 106, #1624, 1789 ed., contemporary half calf rebacked (£200). Quaritch, Oct. cat. of “New Acquisitions,” #28, 1788 ed., “annotated throughout in ink by an early owner and in pencil, transcribing Blake’s own notes, by the collector and publisher Roger Senhouse,” the earlier owner identified by Quaritch as “Thomas S. Butt” (could this possibly be Blake’s patron, Thomas Butts?), this “Butt” further identified by Senhouse as “Muster Master General,” whose annotations include “such symbols as b, B, %, etc.,” with an analysis of these “notes and markings” by Senhouse on the front endleaves, old half cloth (£600).

Lavater, Essays on Physiognomy. Weissert, Jan. cat. 59, #40 1789-98 ed., 3 vols. in 5 (DM3200). Robert Frew, Jan. cat. 4, #23, 1810 ed., 3 vols. in 5, lacking half titles, slight spotting, contemporary russia (£1500); same copy and price, April cat. 5, #33; same copy, Oct. Santa Monica Book Fair (£1250); same copy, Nov. cat. 6, #40 (£1500). Rulon-Miller, Feb. cat. 47, #31, 1789-98 ed., 3 vols. in 5, contemporary calf rubbed, library marks ($2800). Ursus Rare Books, March private offer, 1792 ed., 3 vols. in 5, contemporary roan ($7500). Edward Bayntun-Coward (for George Bayntun), June cat. 3, #34, 1789-98 ed., 3 vols. in 5, contemporary half goatskin, marbled boards rubbed, slight repairs (£1600). CE, 14 June, #460, “1789-93”(?) ed., 3 vols. in 5, contemporary calf rebacked ($138); #461, 1792 ed., 3 vols. in 5, contemporary morocco ($978). The Antique & Book Collector, July cat., #1, pl. 2 extracted from the 1st ed. (£150); #2, pl. 3 extracted from the 1st ed. (£60). Pacific Book Auction Galleries, San Francisco, 30 Nov., #213, “1789-1792” (actually the 1789-98 ed.), uncut in later morocco over marbled boards ($500 to John Windle).

Malkin, A Father’s Memoirs, 1806. John Windle, Aug. private offer, frontispiece only, engraved by Cromek, a working proof before all letters and lacking much work in the design, same st. as the British Museum proof reproduced in David Bindman, The Complete Graphic Works of William Blake ([London]: Thames and Hudson, 1978) pl. 410, on wove paper, sheet 28.3 × 22.2 cm., showing fragments of an 1804 watermark, the impression once laid into A.E. Newton’s copy of Geoffrey Keynes, A Bibliography of William Blake (1921)—see the Newton sale cat., Parke-Bernet, 16 April 1941, #173 ($75)—and later in the Joseph Holland collection (acquired by R. Essick).

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