Volume 42 · Issue 2

Fall 2008

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          From Railway Timetable to Tate Exhibit:
          New Prints from the Small Book of Designs
          VOLUME 42
          NUMBER 2
          FALL 2008


Tate Britain Reveals Nine New Blakes and Thirteen New Lines of Verse
By Martin Butlin and Robin Hamlyn
W.H. Stevenson, ed., Blake: The Complete Poems, 3rd ed.
Reviewed by Justin Van Kleeck
Minute Particular
“Mrs Chetwynd & her Brother” and “Mr. Chetwynd”
By Angus Whitehead
Response to Anne K. Mellor
By Helen P. Bruder
Response to Helen P. Bruder
By Anne K. Mellor


G. E. Bentley, Jr., University of Toronto, retired

Martin Butlin, London

Detlef W. Dörrbecker, University of Trier

Robert N. Essick, University of California, Riverside

Angela Esterhammer, University of Zürich

Nelson Hilton, University of Georgia

Anne K. Mellor, University of California, Los Angeles

Joseph Viscomi, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

David Worrall, The Nottingham Trent University

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Helen Patricia Bruder has followed and contributed to debates about Blake and gender since the early 1990s. She and Tristanne Connolly hope their collection Queer Blake (Palgrave, forthcoming) and conference Blake, Gender and Sexuality in the Twenty-First Century (London, summer 2010) will take these vital discussions further still.

Martin Butlin, former Keeper of the Historic British Collection at the Tate Gallery and author of the standard catalogue of Blake’s paintings and drawings, is at present involved in the Blake Trust publication of Blake’s illustrations to Blair’s The Grave.

Robin Hamlyn became the William Blake specialist at the Tate Gallery when Martin Butlin retired in 1989. His most recent Blake display at the Tate, in 2007-08, commemorated the 250th anniversary of the artist’s birth; he wrote the introductory essay for the facsimile edition of Poetical Sketches (copy Q) that accompanied the exhibition. His commentary on Edward Young’s Night Thoughts appeared in 2005.

Anne K. Mellor is Distinguished Professor of English and Women’s Studies at UCLA. She is the author of Blake’s Human Form Divine (1974), Romanticism and Gender (1993), and many other books and articles on British romantic-era writing, especially by women, and on feminist theory.

Justin Van Kleeck is an independent scholar and freelance writer in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Angus Whitehead is an assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education, Singapore, and editor of the Blake Journal. He is currently working on a microbiography focusing on William and Catherine Blake’s last years, derived from fresh archival research. His essay “Rehabilitating the ‘Bad’ Ancient: The Life and Times of Frederick Tatham” is forthcoming in Visual Culture in Britain.


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Cover: Verso of The First Book of Urizen pl. 19, color printed and hand colored by Blake for the second copy (B) of Small Book of Designs, 1796, finished c. 1818. Private collection. Photo courtesy of Tate.

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