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This is our fifth checklist, and the aim and format are basically the same as for the checklists of the past two years.* The list is divided into these categories: New and Revised Books/Reprinted Books/Articles and Sections of Books/Reviews/Films/Phonograph Records. Again this year we have included entries for items that are not scholarly, and again we have listed items whose dates fall far outside our nominal August 1972-September 1973 boundaries.

As always, we would appreciate corrections and additions from our readers. But we would especially like to appeal for help in compiling the checklist for next year. We do our best to cover all journals and other periodicals, but our comprehensiveness depends to a much greater extent on our readers than most of them realize, especially for out-of-the-way material. We want to list everything of interest, including newspaper articles, filmstrips, videotapes, and ephemera. We are particularly grateful to authors who send offprints for the checklist, because recent copies of journals can take a long time to reach the shelves of the library. Past experience shows that the categories we are most likely to miss are book reviews, sections of books whose titles do not mention Blake, and material in foreign languages. Please keep us in mind when you run across items that should be in the checklist.

New and Revised Books

Blake, William. Songs of Innocence and of Experience. “Facsimile of sixteen original plates etched by William Blake.” London: Academy Editions, 1971.

Blake, William. William Blake’s Water-Colours: Illustrating the Poems of Thomas Gray. Intro. and commen. by Sir Geoffrey Keynes. Chicago: J. Philip O’Hara, Inc., 1972. $25.

Blake, William. See also Bloom, Bredvold, Feldman.

Bloom, Harold and Lionel Trilling, eds. The Oxford Anthology of English Literature (General eds., Frank Kermode and John Hollander). 2 vols. cloth and pa.; 6 vols. pa. only. N.Y.: Oxford Univ. Press, 1973. 2 vol. ed., cloth $9.95 each, paper $7.95 each; 6 vol. ed., $3.95 each. [175 illus.; Blake is in Vol. 2, 10-124, 2 vol. ed.; Vol. 4, 6 vol. ed.]

Bredvold, Louis, et. al. Eighteenth Century Poetry and Prose. 3rd ed. N.Y.: Ronald Press, 1973. $11.50. [Includes Blake]

Curran, Stuart and Joseph Anthony Wittreich, Jr., eds. Blake’s Sublime Allegory: Essays on The Four Zoas, Milton, and Jerusalem. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1973. $17.50. [38 illus.] The contents are as follows: Jerome J. McGann, “The Aim of Blake’s Prophecies and the Uses of Blake Criticism”; Joseph Anthony Wittreich, Jr., “Opening the Seals: Blake’s Epics and the Milton Tradition”; Ronald L. Grimes, “Time and Space in Blake’s Major Prophecies”; Edward J. Rose, “Los, Pilgrim of Eternity”; Jean H. Hagstrum, “Babylon Revisited, or the Story of Luvah and Vala”; Morton D. Paley, “The Figure of the Garment in The Four Zoas, Milton, and Jerusalem”; John E. Grant, “Visions in Vala: A Consideration of Some Pictures in the Manuscript”; Mary Lynn Johnson and Brian Wilkie, “On Reading The Four Zoas: Inscape and Analogy”; Irene Tayler, “Say First! What Mov’d Blake? Blake’s Comus Designs and Milton”; James Rieger, “ ‘The Hem of Their Garments’: The Bard’s Song in Milton”; W. J. T. Mitchell, “Blake’s Radical Comedy: Dramatic Structure as Meaning in Milton”; Roger R. Easson, “William Blake and His Reader in Jerusalem”; Stuart Curran, “The Structures of Jerusalem”; Karl Kroeber, “Delivering Jerusalem.

Duncan, Robert. The Truth and Life of Myth: An Essay in Essential Autobiography. Fremont, Mich.: Sumac Press, 1968. [Blake is discussed; Blake’s “Ezekiel’s Vision” on cover]

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Essick, Robert N., ed. The Visionary Hand. Los Angeles: Hennessey and Ingalls, 1973. $7.95 paper. [A collection of essays on Blake’s art; contents not available for listing at press-time]

Feldman, Burton and Robert D. Richardson. The Rise of Modern Mythology, 1680-1860. Bloomington: Indiana Univ. Press, 1972. [Anthology and critical history that includes Blake]

Fletcher, Angus John Stewart. The Transcendental Masque: An Essay on Milton’s Comus. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell Univ. Press, 1972. [Blake’s illus. to Comus in eight scenes inserted between pp. 256-57]

Gaunt, William. The Restless Century: Painting in Britain, 1800-1900. New York: Praeger-Phaidon, 1972. $25; £6.5. [171 pictures]

Gillam, David George. William Blake. British Authors: Introductory Critical Series. London: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1973. £3.70, $12.95; pa. £1.30, $4.95.

Grimes, Ronald L. The Divine Imagination: William Blake’s Major Prophetic Visions. ATLA Monograph Series, No. 1. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1972.

Keynes, Sir Geoffrey. See Blake.

Kremen, Kathryn R. The Imagination of the Resurrection: The Poetic Continuity of a Religious Motif in Donne, Blake, and Yeats. Lewisburg, Penn.: Bucknell Univ. Press, 1972. $15. [Illustrated]

Nelson, Cary. The Incarnate Word: Literature as Verbal Space. Urbana: Univ. of Illinois Press, 1973. $10.00. [Includes Blake]

Paley, Morton D. and Michael Phillips, eds. William Blake: Essays in Honour of Sir Geoffrey Keynes. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1973. £10.50. [83 illus.] The contents of this volume are as follows: Michael Phillips, “Blake’s Early Poetry”; David Bindman, “Blake’s ‘Gothicised Imagination’ and the History of England”; Robert N. Essick, “The Altering Eye: Blake’s Vision in the Tiriel Designs”; F. R. Leavis, “Justifying One’s Valuation of Blake”; Josephine Miles, “Blake’s Frame of Language”; Michael J. Tolley, “Blake’s Songs of Spring”; Jean H. Hagstrum, “Christ’s Body”: G. Wilson Knight, “The Chapel of Gold”; David V. Erdman with Tom Dargan and Marlene Deverell-Van Meter, “Reading the Illuminations of Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell”; Janet Warner, “Blake’s Figures of Despair: Man in his Spectre’s Power”; Morris Eaves, “The Title-page of The Book of Urizen”; John Beer, “Blake, Coleridge, and Wordsworth: Some Cross-currents and Parallels, 1789-1805”; Morton D. Paley, “William Blake, The Prince of the Hebrews, and The Woman Clothed with the Sun”; Martin Butlin, “Blake, the Varleys, and the Graphic Telescope”; Raymond Lister, “References to Blake in Samuel Palmer’s Letters”; Suzanne R. Hoover, “William Blake in the Wilderness: A Closer Look at his Reputation, 1827-1863”; G. E. Bentley, Jr., “Geoffrey Keynes’s Work on Blake: Fons et Origo, and a Checklist of Writings on Blake by Geoffrey Keynes, 1910-1972.”

Sachs, Arieh, ed. The English Grotesque: An Anthology from Langland to Joyce. Jerusalem: Israel Universities Press, 1969. [Pp. 155-61: Memorable Fancies from MHH; “I Saw a Chapel All of Gold”; An Island in the Moon. Pls. 15 and 42: “Ghost of a Flea” and “Nebuchadnezzar.” Blake also in Introduction]

Tomory, Peter. The Life and Art of Henry Fuseli. N.Y.: Praeger, 1972. $25. [Illustrated]

Wagenknecht, David. Blake’s Night: William Blake and the Idea of Pastoral. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Univ. Press; Belknap Press, 1973. $12.

Wright, Andrew. Blake’s Job: A Commentary. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1972. $9. [23 illustrations]

Reprinted Books

Berger, P. William Blake: Poet and Mystic, Studies in Blake Series, No. 3. 1914; rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1969.

Berger, Pierre. William Blake: Poet and Mystic, trans. D. H. Connor. 1914; rpt. Folcroft, Pa.: Folcroft, 1973.

Binyon, Laurence. Followers of William Blake. 1925; rpt. N.Y.: Benjamin Blom, 1972.

Blake, William. Blake’s Poetical Works. Ed. John Sampson. 1905; rpt. Kennebunkpart, Me.: Milford House, 1971.

Blake, William. See also Campbell, Clarke, Keynes.

Bronowski, J. William Blake: A Man without a Mask. 1947(?); rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1969.

Campbell, Kathleen W., ed. An Anthology of English Poetry: Dryden to Blake. 1930; rpt. Freeport, N.Y.: Books for Libraries, 1971.

Clarke, John H. William Blake on the Lord’s Prayer: 1757-1827, Studies in Blake Series, No. 5. 1927; rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1971.

De Selincourt, Basil. William Blake. 1909; rpt. N.Y.: Cooper Square, 1972.

De Selincourt, Basil. William Blake. 1909; rpt. Port Washington, N.Y.: Kennikat, 1971.

Dutt, Sukumar. The Supernatural in English Romantic Poetry, 1780-1830. 1938; rpt. Folcroft, Pa.: Folcroft Library Editions, 1972.

Ellis, Edwin J. The Real Blake. 1906; rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1970.

Garnett, Richard. William Blake: Painter and Poet, Studies in Blake Series, No. 3. 1895; rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1970.

Gilchrist, Alexander. The Life of William Blake. Ed. W. Graham Robertson. 1907; rpt. Folcroft, Pa.: Folcroft Library Editions, 1972.

Gilchrist, Alexander. The Life of William Blake. 2 vols. 1880; rpt. N.Y.: Phaeton, 1969.

Keynes, Sir Geoffrey. Blake Studies: Notes on His Life and Works in Seventeen Chapters. 1949; rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1971.

Keynes, Sir Geoffrey. William Blake’s Engravings. 1950; rpt. N.Y.: Cooper Square, 1972.

Kortelling, Jacoming. Mysticism in Blake and Wordsworth, Studies in Poetry Series, No. 38. 1928; rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1969.

Lindsay, Jack. William Blake: Creative Will and the Poetic Imagination. 1929; rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1970.

Norman, Hubert J. Cowper and Blake. 1913; rpt. Folcroft, Pa.: Folcroft Library Editions, 1972.

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Rossetti, William Michael. Lives of Famous Poets. 1878; rpt. Folcroft, Pa.: Folcroft Library Editions, 1971.

Rudd, Margaret. Organized Innocence: The Story of Blake’s Prophetic Books. 1956; rpt. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1973.

Singer, June K. The Unholy Bible. 1970; rpt. N.Y.: Harper, 1973. $2.95. [Paperback rpt.]

Symons, Arthur. William Blake. 1907; rpt. N.Y.: Cooper Square, 1970.

Wicksteed, Joseph H. Blake’s Vision of the Book of Job, Studies in Blake Series, No. 3. 1924; rpt. N.Y.: Haskell House, 1970.



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Bishop, Morchard. “The Poet and the Attorney: The Story of a Legacy.” The Book Collector, 21 (Summer 1972), 245-54. [A discussion of a painting by Romney whose subjects are Flaxman, Hayley, and Hayley’s son; the article mentions Blake, who was working for Hayley while Hayley was arguing with the attorney Thomas Greene for possession of the painting]

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Vaughan Williams, Ralph. Ten Blake Songs. England: Argo ZR6 732. [Robert Tea, tenor, Philip Ledger, piano, and Neil Black, oboe]

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