Volume 3 · Issue 2

September 26, 1969

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[Blake-Varley sketchbook and “An Allegory of the Bible” at the Tate Gallery]

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In the first issue of the Newsletter (p. 2), we reported on the discovery of the Blake-Varley sketchbook. A selection of pages from the sketchbook is now on view at the Tate Gallery. Among the drawings are “The Ghost of a Flea,” King Harold transfixed by the arrow, Milton’s first wife, and two interiors with the Empress Maud. A facsimile edition of the sketchbook with notes by Martin Butlin has been published for the Blake Trust.

The Tate is also showing, in its handsomely redecorated Blake gallery, a new acquisition bequeathed by Miss R.M. Dyer. It is an early watercolor, “An Allegory of the Bible” (referred to in W.M. Rossetti’s list of 1880 as “The Pilgrimage of Christiana”).

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