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Below is an index of articles and reviews in Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly. They will all eventually be published in this digital edition, but only those articles which are already available digitally are linked from their titles.

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A Checklist of Blake Scholarship, June 1969-September 1970: Additions and Corrections4.3Winter 1971
Blake’s Visions of the Last Judgment: Plates and Editorial Note9.2bDecember 28, 1975
Dating of the two Nights VII of the Four Zoas1.1June 15, 1967PDF
Paul Miner on Blake’s star-moon symbolism1.1June 15, 1967PDF
Works in Progress3.4May, 1970
Abley, Mark, G. E. Bentley, Jr.New Blake Documents: Job, Oedipus, and the Songs of Innocence and of Experience21.3Winter 1987/1988PDF
Ackland, MichaelThe Embattled Sexes: Blake’s Debt to Wollstonecraft in The Four Zoas16.3Winter 1982/1983PDF
Adams, HazardMust a Poem be a Perfect Unity?21.2Fall 1987PDF
Adlard, JohnBlake’s Indenture and The Little Vagabond5.3Winter, 1971-72
Adlard, JohnMilton 29: A Retort to William Frend?2.4April 1, 1969PDF
Adlard, JohnThe Age and Virginity of Lyca6.3Winter 1972-73
Adlard, JohnThe Garden of Love4.4Spring 1971
Adlard, John“Fields from Islington to Marybone”9.4Spring 1976
Allentuck, MarciaLady Cynthia Asquith at a Blake Sale2.4April 1, 1969PDF
Ankarsjö, MagnusBlake’s Four “Zoas”!39.4Spring 2006PDF
Atkins, A. M.“Both Turk and Jew”: Notes on the Poetry of Henry Fuseli, with Some Translations16.4Spring 1983PDF
Baine, Rodney M.Blake and Defoe6.2Fall 1972
Baine, Rodney M.Bromion’s “Jealous Dolphins”14.4Spring 1981PDF
Baine, Rodney M., Mary R. BaineBlake’s Inflammable Gass10.2Fall 1976
Baine, Rodney M., Mary R. BaineBlake’s Sketch for Hamlet9.4Spring 1976
Becher, LorenzLorenz Becher: An Artist in Berne, Switzerland31.1Summer 1997PDF
Beer, JohnA Reply to Irene Chayes4.4Spring 1971
Beer, JohnA Reply to John Grant4.3Winter 1971
Beer, JohnBlake’s Donald the Hammerer5.3Winter, 1971-72
Beer, John, Irene ChayesBrief Ripostes6.1Summer 1972
Behrendt, Stephen C.A Possible Corollary Source for The Gates of Paradise 1028.3Winter 1994/95PDF
Behrendt, Stephen C.Europe 6: Plundering the Treasury21.3Winter 1987/1988PDF
Bennett, Shelley M.A Newly Discovered Blake at the Huntington18.3Winter 1984-85PDF
Bentley, Elizabeth B.Blake’s Elusive Ladies26.1Summer 1992PDF
Bentley, Elizabeth B.Grave Indignities: Greed, Hucksterism, and Oblivion: Blake’s Watercolors for Blair’s Grave40.2Fall 2006PDF
Bentley, Elizabeth B.Vision in Fiction: Two Novels About William Blake12.3Winter 1978-79
Bentley, G. E., Jr.A Census of Coloured Copies of Young’s Night Thoughts (1797)2.3December 15, 1968PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.A Fugitive or Apocryphal Blake Engraving2.4April 1, 1969PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.A Handlist of Works by William Blake in the Department of Prints and Drawings of the British Museum, With Supplementary Notes5.4Spring 1972
Bentley, G. E., Jr.A New America20.2Fall 1986PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.A New Blake Engraving in Lavater’s Physiognomy6.2Fall 1972
Bentley, G. E., Jr.A Supplement to Blake Books11.3Winter 1977-1978
Bentley, G. E., Jr.A Supplement to G. E. Bentley, Jr., and Martin K. Nurmi, A Blake Bibliography (1964)2.4bApril 1969PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.A Swedenborgian Bible24.2Fall 1990PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.All the Evidence That’s Fit to Print2.1June 1, 1968PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Almost Blake13.2Fall 1979
Bentley, G. E., Jr.An Apocryphal Blake Engraving: The Minor’s Pocket Book (1814)4.3Winter 1971
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Answers to Hard Questions: The Residence of Thomas Butts2.3December 15, 1968PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake Among the Slavs: A Checklist11.1Summer 1977
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake Apocrypha1.2October 1, 1967PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake Copperplates in the Thomas Ross Archive43.3Winter 2009-10PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake and Stedman as Costumiers: Curious Copies of Blake’s Engravings in 182146.4Spring 2013
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake and Wedgwood24.1Summer 1990PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blakewell13.3Winter 1979-1980
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake’s First Arrest, at Upnor Castle31.3Winter 1997/98PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake’s Sinister “g”, from 1789-93 to ?18033.2September 26, 1969PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake’s Trial Documents14.1Summer 1980PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Charles Parr Burney as a Blake Collector17.1Summer 1983PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Cromek’s Lost Letter about Blake’s Grave Designs26.4Spring 1993PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Cumberland Bibliography Addenda11.2Fall 1977
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Echoes of Blake’s Grave Designs in 183812.3Winter 1978-79
Bentley, G. E., Jr.From Sketch to Text in Blake: The Case of The Book of Thel19.4Spring 1986PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Inscriptions by Blake for His Designs48.1Summer 2014
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Keynes and Blake at Cambridge19.2Fall 1985PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Richard C. Jackson, Collector of Treasures and Wishes: Walter Pater, Charles Lamb, William Blake36.3Winter 2002/2003PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Ruthven Todd’s Blake Papers at Leeds16.2Fall 1982PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Sterne and Blake2.4April 1, 1969PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The 1821 Edwards Catalogue17.4Spring 1984PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Accuracy of the Blake Reproductions8.3Winter 1974-75
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Accuracy of the Blake Trust Gray Catalogue6.4Spring 1973
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The American Blake Foundation42.4Spring 2009PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Dates of Jerusalem41.4Spring 2008PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Daughters of Albion and the Butts Household18.2Fall 1984PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Death of Blake’s Partner James Parker30.2Fall 1996PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Felpham Rummer: A New Angel and “Immoral Drink” Attributed to William Blake18.2Fall 1984PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The First Printed Reference to the Publication of Job: Disraeli(?) in The Star Chamber (1826)12.1Summer 1978
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Inscriptions on Blake’s Designs to Pilgrim’s Progress6.3Winter 1972-73
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Mathews as Patrons46.2Fall 2012
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Physiognomy of Lavater’s Essays: False Imprints, “1789” and “1792”29.1Summer 1995PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Publication of Ellis and Yeats, The Works of William Blake (1893)42.3Winter 2008-09PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Selling of Blake’s Night Thoughts Designs in the 1870s12.1Summer 1978
Bentley, G. E., Jr.The Vicissitudes of Vision, The First Account of William Blake in Russian (1834)10.4Spring 1977
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Thomas Sivright and the Lost Designs for Blair’s Grave19.3Winter 1985/1986PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 199933.4Spring 2000PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200034.4Spring 2001PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200136.1Summer 2002PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200742.1Summer 2008PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 201045.1Summer 2011PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 201146.1Summer 2012
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 201247.1Summer 2013
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 201348.1Summer 2014
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 201449.1Summer 2015
Bentley, G. E., Jr.William Blake and the Sophocles Enigma31.2Fall 1997PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Young’s Night Thoughts (London: R. Edwards, 1797): A New Unillustrated State14.1Summer 1980PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.“Blake . . . Had No Quaritch”: The Sale of William Muir’s Blake Facsimiles27.1Summer 1993PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.“New” Blake Engravings After Blake’s Designs, 1837, 1859, 186112.3Winter 1978-79
Bentley, G. E., Jr.“The Eternal Wheels of Intellect”: Dissertations on William Blake12.4Spring 1979
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Hikari SatoWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200237.1Summer 2003PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Hikari SatoWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200439.1Summer 2005PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Hikari SatoWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200540.1Summer 2006PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Hikari SatoWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200641.1Summer 2007PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Hikari SatoWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200843.1Summer 2009PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Hikari SatoWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200944.1Summer 2010PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Hikari Sato, Ching-erh ChangWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 200338.1Summer 2004PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., John E. Grant, Irene H. Chayes, Martha W. EnglandBlake courses1.2October 1, 1967PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Keiko AoyamaWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 1992-199328.1Summer 1994PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Keiko AoyamaWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 199428.4Spring 1995PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Keiko AoyamaWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 199529.4Spring 1996PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Keiko AoyamaWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 199630.4Spring 1997PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Keiko AoyamaWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 199731.4Spring 1998PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr., Keiko AoyamaWilliam Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Publications and Discoveries in 199832.4Spring 1999PDF
Betz, Paul F.Wordsworth’s First Acquaintance with Blake’s Poetry3.4May, 1970
Bidney, MartinUrizen and Orc, Cortés and Guatimozin: Mexican History and The Four Zoas VII23.4Spring 1990PDF
Bindman, DavidA New Blake Drawing in the Boston Museum of Fine Art12.3Winter 1978-79
Bindman, DavidAn Afterword on William Blake: His Art and Times16.4Spring 1983PDF
Bindman, DavidAn Unpublished Blake Pencil Drawing of the Lambeth Period4.2Fall 1970
Bindman, DavidJ. S. Deville’s Life Mask of William Blake3.3December 15, 1969PDF
Bindman, DavidSamuel Palmer’s An Address to the Electors of West Kent, 1832 Rediscovered19.2Fall 1985PDF
Bindman, DavidThe Dead Ardours Revisited14.4Spring 1981PDF
Bogan, JamesBlake’s Jupiter Olympius in Rees’ Cyclopaedia15.4Spring 1982PDF
Bogan, JamesVampire Bats & Blake’s Spectre10.1Summer 1976
Borkowska, ElizaTranslating Blake’s Jerusalem into Polish46.1Summer 2012
Borkowska, Eliza“Did he who made the Lamb make the... Tyger”?48.2Fall 2014
Bouwer, Izak, Paul McNally“The Mental Traveller”: Man’s Eternal Journey12.3Winter 1978-79
Bowden, BetsyThe Artistic and Interpretive Context of Blake’s “Canterbury Pilgrims”13.4Spring 1980PDF
Brisman, LeslieBlake’s Comme-bined Cherubim: A Note on Milton, Plate 3221.3Winter 1987/1988PDF
Browne, MaxA Blake Source for von Holst29.3Winter 1995/96PDF
Bruder, Helen P.Response to Anne K. Mellor42.2Fall 2008PDF
Buck, JohnMiss Groggery2.3December 15, 1968PDF
Butlin, MartinA Blake Drawing Rediscovered and Redated34.1Summer 2000PDF
Butlin, MartinA Concordance between William Rossetti’s Annotated Lists, W. Graham Robertson’s Supplementary List, and Butlin’s Catalogue Numbers16.1Summer 1982PDF
Butlin, MartinA Minute Particular Particularized: Blake’s Second Set of Illustrations to Paradise Lost6.2Fall 1972
Butlin, MartinA New Acquisition for the Tate and a New Addition to the Blake Catalogue15.3Winter 1981/1982PDF
Butlin, MartinA New Blake from his Apprentice Years?21.4Spring 1988PDF
Butlin, MartinA New Color Print from the Small Book of Designs26.1Summer 1992PDF
Butlin, MartinA Newly Discovered Watermark and a Visionary’s Way with His Dates15.2Fall 1981PDF
Butlin, MartinA Rare Group of Early Twentieth-Century Watercolors by a Follower of William Blake29.3Winter 1995/96PDF
Butlin, MartinAn Extra Illustration to Pilgrim’s Progress5.3Winter, 1971-72
Butlin, MartinAn Illustration to Robert Bage12.3Winter 1978-79
Butlin, MartinAnother Rediscovered Small Color Print by William Blake27.3Winter 1993-1994PDF
Butlin, MartinBlake’s Illustrations to Paradise Lost3.3December 15, 1969PDF
Butlin, MartinConnoisseurship and the Palmer Fakes19.4Spring 1986PDF
Butlin, MartinFive Blakes from a 19th-Century Scottish Collection7.1Summer 1973
Butlin, MartinFootnotes on the Huntington Blakes22.1Summer 1988PDF
Butlin, MartinHarpers and Other Drawings: The Case for a Unified Composition47.2Fall 2013
Butlin, MartinNew Risen from the Grave: Nineteen Unknown Watercolors by William Blake35.3Winter 2002PDF
Butlin, MartinNote regarding the review of Romantic Art in Britain2.2September 15, 1968PDF
Butlin, MartinPaintings and Drawings of William Blake (1981): Some Minor Additions17.4Spring 1984PDF
Butlin, MartinPaolozzi’s Newton27.2Fall 1993PDF
Butlin, MartinSix New Early Drawings by William Blake and a Reattribution23.2Fall 1989PDF
Butlin, MartinThe Catalogue of Blake’s Designs Completed, and a Last-Minute Inclusion9.2Fall 1975
Butlin, MartinThe Inscription on Evening Amusement6.3Winter 1972-73
Butlin, MartinThe Rediscovery of an Artist: James Jefferys, 1751-178410.4Spring 1977
Butlin, MartinThoughts on the 1978 Tate Gallery Exhibition13.1Summer 1979
Butlin, MartinTwo Blakes Reappear and Make Three18.2Fall 1984PDF
Butlin, MartinTwo Newly Identified Sketches for Thomas Commins’s An Elegy and Further Rediscovered Drawings of the 1780s26.1Summer 1992PDF
Butlin, MartinTwo Newly Identified Sketches for Thomas Commins’s An Elegy: A Postscript27.2Fall 1993PDF
Butlin, MartinWilliam Blake in the Herbert P. Horne Collection6.1Summer 1972
Butlin, MartinWilliam Blake, S. W. Hayter and Color PrintingbonusFall 2002PDF
Butlin, MartinWilliam Rossetti’s Annotations to Gilchrist’s Life of William Blake2.3December 15, 1968PDF
Butlin, Martin“Is This a Private War or Can Anyone Join In?”: A Plea for a Broader Look at Blake’s Color-Printing Techniques36.2Fall 2002PDF
Butlin, Martin“The Lute Player”1.3December 15, 1967PDF
Butlin, Martin“The Very William Blake of Living Landscape Painters”!10.1Summer 1976
Butlin, Martin, Robin HamlynTate Britain Reveals Nine New Blakes and Thirteen New Lines of Verse42.2Fall 2008PDF
Candela, Gregory, Marta Field, Foster ForemanA Checklist of Recent Blake Scholarship, August 1972-September 19737.1Summer 1973
Cardinale, Philip J., Joseph R. CardinaleA Newly Discovered Blake Book: William Blake’s Copy of Thomas Taylor’s The Mystical Initiations; or, Hymns of Orpheus (1787)44.3Winter 2010-11PDF
Carey, FrancesBlake’s “Warring Angels”11.2Fall 1977
Carey, FrancesJames Smetham (1821-1889) and Gilchrist’s Life of Blake8.1-2Summer-Fall 1974
Carretta, VincentBlake’s Meheux?31.3Winter 1997/98PDF
Chapman, WesBlake, Wollstonecraft, and the Inconsistency of Oothoon31.1Summer 1997PDF
Chayes, Irene H.A Rejoinder to John Beer5.3Winter, 1971-72
Chayes, Irene H.Blake and Tradition: “The Little Girl Lost” and “The Little Girl Found”4.1August 1970
Chayes, Irene H.Robed figure in “The Little Boy Found”1.2October 1, 1967PDF
Cherry, Charles L.William Blake and Mrs. Grundy: Suppression of Visions of the Daughters of Albion4.1August 1970
Cheskin, ArnoldThe Echoing Greenhorn: Blake as Hebraist12.3Winter 1978-79
Cieszkowski, Krzysztof Z.“They murmuring divide; while the wind sleeps beneath, and the numbers are counted in silence”: The Dispersal of the Illustrations to Dante’s Divine Comedy23.3Winter 1989/90PDF
Clarke, MaryThe Job Ballet12.1Summer 1978
Colebrook, ClaireBlake and Feminism: Romanticism and the Question of the Other34.1Summer 2000PDF
Connolly, Thomas E.Songs of Innocence Copy U6.4Spring 1973
Connolly, Thomas E.Songs of Innocence, Keynes 1921 Copy U, Keynes-Wolf 1953 Copy U7.4Spring 1974
Connolly, Thomas E., George R. LevineRecognizing Mother1.3December 15, 1967PDF
Crehan, StewartBlake, Context and Ideology20.3Winter 1986-87PDF
Crosby, M.The Sketch on the Verso of Blake’s Self-Portrait: An Identification41.2Fall 2007PDF
Crosby, M.William Blake’s Miniature Portraits of the Butts Family42.4Spring 2009PDF
Crosby, MarkThe Blake Memorial Window46.3Winter 2012-13
Crosby, Mark“Ah! Romney!”: Blake’s “Supernaculum” Portrait Engraving of George Romney47.3Winter 2013-14
Crosby, Mark, Robert N. Essick“the fiends of Commerce”: Blake’s Letter to William Hayley, 7 August 180444.2Fall 2010PDF
Crosby, Mark, Troy Patenaude, Angus WhiteheadWilliam Blake and the Age of Revolution: An Appreciation, Checklist of Dissertations and Publications40.2Fall 2006PDF
Crossan, GregBlake’s Maiden Queen in “The Angel”15.3Winter 1981/1982PDF
Crossan, Greg“Infant Sorrow” and Robert Greene’s Menaphon19.4Spring 1986PDF
Cummings, FredericBlake at Detroit and Philadelphia2.3December 15, 1968PDF
Curran, Stuart, Joseph Anthony Wittreich, Jr.Some Additions to A Blake Bibliography3.1June 15, 1969PDF
Curtis, F. B.The Geddes Bible and the Tent of the Eternals in the Book of Urizen6.4Spring 1973
Damon, S. FosterHow I Discovered Blake1.3December 15, 1967PDF
Dargan, TomBlake and Hayley in Wittreich’s Angel of Apocalypse10.4Spring 1977
Davidson, PeterThe Music of the Ancients15.2Fall 1981PDF
Davies, KeriBlake in the Times Digital Archive41.1Summer 2007PDF
Davies, KeriJonathan Spilsbury and the Lost Moravian History of William Blake’s Family40.3Winter 2006/2007PDF
Davies, KeriWilliam Blake’s Mother: A New Identification33.2Fall 1999PDF
Davies, KeriWilliam Muir and the Blake Press at Edmonton with Muir’s letters to Kerrison Preston27.1Summer 1993PDF
Davies, Keri, Marsha Keith SchuchardRecovering the Lost Moravian History of William Blake’s Family38.1Summer 2004PDF
Dawson, P. M. S.Blake and Providence: The Theodicy of The Four Zoas20.4Spring 1987PDF
De Luca, V. A.Blake and Burke in Astonishment!23.2Fall 1989PDF
De Luca, V. A.The Changing Order of Plates in Jerusalem, Chapter II16.4Spring 1983PDF
Deck, Raymond H., Jr.An American Original: Mrs. Colman’s Illustrated Printings of Blake’s Poems, 1843-4411.1Summer 1977
Deck, Raymond H., Jr.Another Early Printing of Blake’s “Night”12.1Summer 1978
Deck, Raymond H., Jr.Mr. Rudall the Flautist11.2Fall 1977
Deck, Raymond H., Jr.Unnoticed Printings of Blake’s Poems, 1825-185110.4Spring 1977
Deck, Raymond H., Jr.“Blake, William” in the New American Cyclopedia12.1Summer 1978
Dilworth, ThomasBlake’s Argument with Newberry in “Laughing Song”14.1Summer 1980PDF
Dilworth, Thomas R.Blake’s Babe in the Woods11.1Summer 1977
Doctorow, Erica, Donald Wolf, Ruth E. FineRuth Fine’s review of the Blake exhibition at Adelphi University12.1Summer 1978
Duerksen, Roland A.A Crucial Line in Visions of the Daughters of Albion6.3Winter 1972-73
Duerksen, Roland A.Bromion’s Usurped Power—Its Source, Essence, and Effect: A Replication8.3Winter 1974-75
Duff, DavidMuir’s Facsimiles and the Missing Visions37.1Summer 2003PDF
Duplantier, F. R.Method in Blake’s “Mad Song”13.2Fall 1979
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Recent Publications21.2Fall 1987PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Blake and His Circle: A Checklist of Recent Publications20.3Winter 1986-87PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Blake and His Circle: An Annotated Checklist of Recent Publications23.3Winter 1989/90PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Blake and His Circle: An Annotated Checklist of Recent Publications26.3Winter 1992/93PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Blake and His Circle: An Annotated Checklist of Recent Publications25.1Summer 1991PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Blake and His Circle: An Annotated Checklist of Recent Publications22.2Fall 1988PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Gates of Paradise and Quarles’ Emblems9.4Spring 1976
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Grant’s “Problems in Understanding”: Some Marginalia18.3Winter 1984-85PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Innocence Lost & Found: An Untraced Copy Traced15.3Winter 1981/1982PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Jean Paul Richter and Blake’s Night Thoughts11.2Fall 1977
Dörrbecker, Detlef W., Marta SlowikováSome Minor Additions to Bentley’s “Blake Among the Slavs”12.3Winter 1978-79
Easson, Roger R.Blake and the Contemporary Art Market4.4Spring 1971
Eaves, MorrisBlake as Conceived: The Endurance of S. Foster Damon21.4Spring 1988PDF
Eaves, MorrisPostscript: Blake’s Abnormal Psychology9.4Spring 1976
Eaves, MorrisTeaching Blake’s Relief Etching13.3Winter 1979-1980
Eldridge, AethelredReply to Morris Eaves’ Review of The Dick and Jane22.1Summer 1988PDF
Erdman, David V.A Book to Eat15.4Spring 1982PDF
Erdman, David V.Blake’s Terrible Ease!1.4March 15, 1968PDF
Erdman, David V.Dating Blake’s Script: a postscript3.2September 26, 1969PDF
Erdman, David V.Dating Blake’s Script: the “g” hypothesis3.1June 15, 1969PDF
Erdman, David V.Errata Emendata: Second Printing, Erdman-Bloom Poetry & Prose of William Blake1.3December 15, 1967PDF
Erdman, David V.Errors in the 1973 Edition of The Notebook of William Blake and in the First Printing of The Illuminated Blake9.2Fall 1975
Erdman, David V.Errors in the Signet Edition of The Selected Poetry of Blake11.1Summer 1977
Erdman, David V.Every Thing Has Its Vermin2.4April 1, 1969PDF
Erdman, David V.Flaxman and Blake on Wordsworth’s “Jehovah... I pass... unalarmed”3.4May, 1970
Erdman, David V.Improving the Text of The Complete Poetry & Prose of William Blake20.2Fall 1986PDF
Erdman, David V.Jerusalem 95: 2-202.3December 15, 1968PDF
Erdman, David V.Leonora, Laodamia, and the Dead Ardours14.2Fall 1980PDF
Erdman, David V.Let the Dead Ardours Live!15.1Summer 1981PDF
Erdman, David V.Night the Seventh: The Editorial Problem12.2Fall 1978
Erdman, David V.Nightgowned adult in “The Little Boy Found”; errors and emendations1.1June 15, 1967PDF
Erdman, David V.On the Newly Rediscovered Blake Letter1.4March 15, 1968PDF
Erdman, David V.Preface to the Revised Edition of Blake’s Notebook11.1Summer 1977
Erdman, David V.Redefining the Texts of Blake (another temporary report)17.1Summer 1983PDF
Erdman, David V.Revising Blake: Prophet for a new edition2.2September 15, 1968PDF
Erdman, David V.South Bounding!13.2Fall 1979
Erdman, David V.The Bravery of William Blake10.1Summer 1976
Erdman, David V.The Four Zoas: New Text for Pages 5, 6, & 7, Night the First12.2Fall 1978
Erdman, David V., Charles Ryskamp, Roger R. EassonAdditions to the Checklist of Blake Publications2.2September 15, 1968PDF
Eron, Sarah“Bound ... by their narrowing perceptions”: Sympathetic Bondage and Perverse Pity in Blake’s The Book of Urizen 46.3Winter 2012-13
Essick, Robert N.A (Self?) Portrait of William Blake39.3Winter 2005/2006PDF
Essick, Robert N.A Finding List of Reproductions of Blake’s Art3.2September 26, 1969PDF
Essick, Robert N.A Finding List of Reproductions of Blake’s Art: Addenda to Part 1; Part 23.3December 15, 1969PDF
Essick, Robert N.A Relief Etching of Blake’s Virgil Illustrations25.3Winter 1991/1992PDF
Essick, Robert N.A Supplement to The Separate Plates of William Blake: A Catalogue17.4Spring 1984PDF
Essick, Robert N.Attribution and Reproduction: Death Pursuing the Soul through the Avenues of Life 45.2Fall 2011PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake and Kate Greenaway40.1Summer 2006PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 1972-737.3Winter 1973-1974
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 1974-7510.2Fall 1976
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 1976-7712.1Summer 1978
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 1980-198116.2Fall 1982PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 1982-198318.2Fall 1984PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 198419.1Summer 1985PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 198520.1Summer 1986PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 198621.1Summer 1987PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 198722.1Summer 1988PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 198823.1Summer 1989PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 1989, Including a Report on the Recently Discovered Blake-Varley Sketchbook24.1Summer 1990PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 199024.4Spring 1991PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 199125.4Spring 1992PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 199226.4Spring 1993PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 1993, Including a Report on the Sale of the Frank Rinder Collection27.4Spring 1994PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 199428.4Spring 1995PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 1995, Including a Survey of Blakes in Private Ownership29.4Spring 1996PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 199630.4Spring 1997PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 199731.4Spring 1998PDF
Essick, Robert N.Blake in the Marketplace, 199832.4Spring 1999PDF
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Checklist corrections2.3December 15, 1968PDF
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Correction to Pagination24.3Winter 1990/1991PDF
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Corrections to Fall Issue and to “‘In the Darkness of Philisthea’”32.4Spring 1999PDF
Corrections to Previous Issue1.2October 1, 1967PDF
Erratum: Blake Slides9.4Spring 1976
Error: Reversed Illustration16.2Fall 1982PDF
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Songs facsimile measurement2.1June 1, 1968PDF
W. H. Stevenson’s middle initial3.1June 15, 1969PDF
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1974 Blake Symposium—Edinburgh6.3Winter 1972-73
1976 MLA Blake Seminar9.4Spring 1976
1976 MLA Blake Seminar10.1Summer 1976
1978 MLA Seminar11.1Summer 1977
1986-1987 Clifford Prize21.2Fall 1987PDF
3 Blake Watercolors Now in Public Collections6.1Summer 1972
A Blake Bicentenary Lecture22.1Summer 1988PDF
A Contributor Identified12.1Summer 1978
A New Blake Videotape5.3Winter, 1971-72
A Videotape of America Produced at York University4.3Winter 1971
A facsimile edition of All Religions are One4.1August 1970
A “Musical Illumination” of Blake’s Songs20.4Spring 1987PDF
ASECS Clifford Prize19.2Fall 1985PDF
Abel Production14.2Fall 1980PDF
Adelphi Blake Festival (with T-Shirts)11.1Summer 1977
Albion Awake9.4Spring 1976
Albion Awake!16.2Fall 1982PDF
Albion Awake!11.3Winter 1977-1978
Allentuck on Fuseli9.2Fall 1975
Alverthorpe Gallery13.1Summer 1979
An Interior for William Blake28.1Summer 1994PDF
Announcement of Publication Series21.2Fall 1987PDF
Armand Hammer Museum Exhibition of the Boydell Shakespeare Gallery30.3Winter 1996/7PDF
Arthur Farwell12.1Summer 1978
At The British Art Center: Turner & Shakespeare14.4Spring 1981PDF
Auctions6.3Winter 1972-73
Ault Leaves Newsletter5.3Winter, 1971-72
Back Issues14.3Winter 1980/1981PDF
Bad Copies of Volume 26, #327.1Summer 1993PDF
Berkeley Blake Weekend7.2Fall 1973
Best Special Issue 1982-8317.4Spring 1984PDF
Bibliography Award to Bentley14.2Fall 1980PDF
Birthday Wishes to Marià Manent22.1Summer 1988PDF
Blake & the Age of Revolution: MA in English & History of Art32.4Spring 1999PDF
Blake & the Moderns10.3Winter 1976-77
Blake Cards9.4Spring 1976
Blake Costs!23.1Summer 1989PDF
Blake Course at UCLA Extension6.1Summer 1972
Blake Course at the Tate Gallery31.4Spring 1998PDF
Blake Cumulative Index27.1Summer 1993PDF
Blake Day at University of Sussex6.1Summer 1972
Blake Docudrama17.1Summer 1983PDF
Blake Exhibition 1975—Hamburg & Frankfurt8.3Winter 1974-75
Blake Exhibition and Conference at the Huntington20.4Spring 1987PDF
Blake Exhibition and Festival at Adelphi10.4Spring 1977
Blake Exhibition at Tate Britain34.2Fall 2000PDF
Blake Facsimiles5.3Winter, 1971-72
Blake Goes Online44.4Spring 2011PDF
Blake Greetings from Glasgow10.4Spring 1977
Blake Moves to Rochester20.1Summer 1986PDF
Blake Office Holiday Hours17.2Fall 1983PDF
Blake Online28.2Fall 1994PDF
Blake Opera29.1Summer 1995PDF
Blake Papers at the Conference on Romanticism and the Ideologies of Genre27.1Summer 1993PDF
Blake Poster8.4Spring 1975
Blake Sale13.1Summer 1979
Blake Seminar, MLA Chicago 19715.3Winter, 1971-72
Blake Seminar, MLA New York 19725.3Winter, 1971-72
Blake Sightings33.2Fall 1999PDF
Blake Sightings33.3Winter 1999/2000PDF
Blake Slides14.2Fall 1980PDF
Blake Society Lectures34.4Spring 2001PDF
Blake Society News24.2Fall 1990PDF
Blake Society News22.2Fall 1988PDF
Blake Society News26.4Spring 1993PDF
Blake Society News23.2Fall 1989PDF
Blake Society Program for 199731.1Summer 1997PDF
Blake Society Web Site31.1Summer 1997PDF
Blake Songs and Other Works28.2Fall 1994PDF
Blake Studies and American Blake Foundation11.1Summer 1977
Blake Studies; As a Man Is—So He Sees3.1June 15, 1969PDF
Blake Subscription Rates Going Up17.4Spring 1984PDF
Blake Symposium17.1Summer 1983PDF
Blake Symposium—Edinburgh8.3Winter 1974-75
Blake Tapes27.1Summer 1993PDF
Blake Theft Foiled11.4Spring 1978
Blake Trust Chairman’s Report18.2Fall 1984PDF
Blake and Calvert’s illustrations sold, Newsom on Blake and Shaw, Bentley publishes unknown Blake engravings3.4May, 1970
Blake and Ginsberg on ABC-TV’s Directions5.3Winter, 1971-72
Blake and Music33.2Fall 1999PDF
Blake and the Book: The Materiality of Books in the Life and Times of William Blake: Call for Papers31.3Winter 1997/98PDF
Blake and the ISSN24.3Winter 1990/1991PDF
Blake at Cornell16.3Winter 1982/1983PDF
Blake at LIU14.2Fall 1980PDF
Blake at MLA 198114.2Fall 1980PDF
Blake at MLA Chicago11.3Winter 1977-1978
Blake at MLA in 198115.1Summer 1981PDF
Blake at SCSECS11.1Summer 1977
Blake at SCSECS14.2Fall 1980PDF
Blake at Stephen’s College33.3Winter 1999/2000PDF
Blake at the Huntington, Fall 199427.3Winter 1993-1994PDF
Blake at the MMLA16.2Fall 1982PDF
Blake at the Oscars32.4Spring 1999PDF
Blake at the Tate24.4Spring 1991PDF
Blake at the Tate11.2Fall 1977
Blake at the Thomas Gray Conference4.3Winter 1971
Blake exhibition at the Huntington Library36.3Winter 2002/2003PDF
Blake in Britain 198822.1Summer 1988PDF
Blake in Buffalo20.4Spring 1987PDF
Blake in New York13.3Winter 1979-1980
Blake in Paris42.3Winter 2008-09PDF
Blake in Veracruz7.2Fall 1973
Blake in the 21st Century23.4Spring 1990PDF
Blake in the Galleries5.3Winter, 1971-72
Blake in the Midwest14.2Fall 1980PDF
Blake in the News11.1Summer 1977
Blake on British Television21.4Spring 1988PDF
Blake on Exhibition6.2Fall 1972
Blake on Exhibition in London6.1Summer 1972
Blake on Thames TV11.2Fall 1977
Blake under the House4.4Spring 1971
Blake, the Sculpture22.2Fall 1988PDF
Blake-Varley sketchbook and “An Allegory of the Bible” at the Tate Gallery3.2September 26, 1969PDF
Blake-Varley sketchbook, edition of Tiriel1.1June 15, 1967PDF
Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly28.1Summer 1994PDF
Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly News33.2Fall 1999PDF
Blake: Stratford Festival17.1Summer 1983PDF
Blake: The Screenplay23.4Spring 1990PDF
Blakes in Glasgow8.3Winter 1974-75
Blake’s Creative Process26.2Fall 1992PDF
Blake’s Critical Pictures23.2Fall 1989PDF
Blake’s Email Addresses24.4Spring 1991PDF
Blake’s Faerie Queene Painting10.4Spring 1977
Blake’s Fax24.3Winter 1990/1991PDF
Blake’s Grave42.4Spring 2009PDF
Blake’s Job Engravings at the Brooklyn Museum23.4Spring 1990PDF
Blake’s Managing Editors, 1986-35.1Summer 2001PDF
Blake’s Notebook Facsimile Available30.3Winter 1996/7PDF
Blake’s Review Editor40.2Fall 2006PDF
Blake’s Subscription Rates Rise26.1Summer 1992PDF
Blake’s Visionary Forms Dramatic, edited by David V. Erdman and John E. Grant3.2September 26, 1969PDF
Blake’s Web Page29.2Fall 1995PDF
Books Being Reviewed for Blake33.2Fall 1999PDF
Books Being Reviewed for Blake32.1Summer 1998PDF
Books and Prints for Sale10.4Spring 1977
British Museum Blake Slides9.4Spring 1976
CLQ Blake Issue11.2Fall 1977
Call for Papers17.1Summer 1983PDF
Call for Papers27.1Summer 1993PDF
Call for Papers: Carolinas Symposium on British Studies30.3Winter 1996/7PDF
Call for Plays20.3Winter 1986-87PDF
Carolina Symposium on British Studies25.4Spring 1992PDF
Carolinas Symposium on British Studies22.4Spring 1989PDF
Centre for British Studies Publication24.4Spring 1991PDF
Change in Production Office Email32.4Spring 1999PDF
Colby Blake Issue10.2Fall 1976
Colby Library Quarterly9.4Spring 1976
Coleridge Summer Conference21.4Spring 1988PDF
Collaborators Invited20.4Spring 1987PDF
Color-Printing Debate37.3Winter 2003/2004PDF
Companion of Angels Performances41.2Fall 2007PDF
Conference at Essex34.1Summer 2000PDF
Conference on British Romantic Art and Europe8.3Winter 1974-75
Conference: Blake & Criticism14.3Winter 1980/1981PDF
Constable in Milwaukee9.4Spring 1976
Copies of Blake Life Mask Available6.1Summer 1972
Criticism in Theoria on Blake’s Songs2.1June 1, 1968PDF
Cruikshank at Princeton32.2Fall 1998PDF
Damoniana: Honoring Professor S. Foster Damon1.3December 15, 1967PDF
Dances of Albion17.2Fall 1983PDF
Dark Visions: Blake’s Night Thoughts28.1Summer 1994PDF
De-Faced Blake20.3Winter 1986-87PDF
Designer Blake20.2Fall 1986PDF
Draw the Line at Sambo’s!17.1Summer 1983PDF
Druid Celebration8.3Winter 1974-75
E.P. Thompson lecture on Blake’s background in artisan, radical dissent2.1June 1, 1968PDF
ELN’s 19th Century Issue11.1Summer 1977
Editions of Illustrations to the Divine Comedy and Swinburne’s William Blake, MLA Annual Meeting location2.4April 1, 1969PDF
Editors Aweigh!17.3Winter 1983-1984PDF
Editors Back Home18.2Fall 1984PDF
Edmonton Art Gallery Exhibition: “William Hayley and His Circle,” 17 September-30 October 198215.4Spring 1982PDF
Egad!11.3Winter 1977-1978
Encyclopedia of Romanticism23.2Fall 1989PDF
Energy and the Imagination20.3Winter 1986-87PDF
English Institute Program1.3December 15, 1967PDF
Erdman Lectures7.2Fall 1973
Errata’s Errata20.3Winter 1986-87PDF
Essick Collection Exhibited16.1Summer 1982PDF
Events to Celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Blake’s Birth40.3Winter 2006/2007PDF
Exhibition at Tate34.1Summer 2000PDF
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Four Zoas for Fall12.1Summer 1978
Frost’s KPFK Island10.1Summer 1976
Frye on Film18.3Winter 1984-85PDF
Fuselis at Auction6.2Fall 1972
Gift to the Fitzwilliam13.3Winter 1979-1980
Going, Going, Gone32.4Spring 1999PDF
Golgonooza10.1Summer 1976
Golgonooza Bestiary11.2Fall 1977
Golgonooza News7.2Fall 1973
Golgonooza News16.3Winter 1982/1983PDF
Graduate Symposium at University of Tulsa6.2Fall 1972
Grant, Rose, and Tolley’s edition of Blake’s illustrations for Young’s Night Thoughts2.1June 1, 1968PDF
Gunnar Harding12.2Fall 1978
Happy 95th to Sir Geoffrey15.4Spring 1982PDF
Help Me Make It Through the Night15.3Winter 1981/1982PDF
Higher Prices12.1Summer 1978
Historicizing Blake23.4Spring 1990PDF
Honors; Cambridge Companion to Blake36.4Spring 2003PDF
Huntington Symposium & Exhibition15.3Winter 1981/1982PDF
IO Special Issue14.2Fall 1980PDF
ITV Glad Day11.3Winter 1977-1978
International Conference at Victoria University25.4Spring 1992PDF
Jah Wobble Inspired by Blake30.3Winter 1996/7PDF
Jah Wobble and Band Honor William Blake34.3Winter 2000/01PDF
James Barry at the Tate16.2Fall 1982PDF
Job Revival27.2Fall 1993PDF
John Linnell: A Centennial Exhibition16.3Winter 1982/1983PDF
Joseph Johnson’s Imprints14.4Spring 1981PDF
Jungian Perspectives12.4Spring 1979
Keats-Shelley Journal29.1Summer 1995PDF
Last Chance23.1Summer 1989PDF
Lavater11.2Fall 1977
Lecture: Yale Center16.3Winter 1982/1983PDF
Lecture: Yale Center15.2Fall 1981PDF
Letter to the Editor12.3Winter 1978-79
Literary Theory & the Romantic Self17.3Winter 1983-1984PDF
London: Blake Ballet for Lunch16.2Fall 1982PDF
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MLA Blake 197912.3Winter 1978-79
MLA Blake Seminar 19758.4Spring 1975
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MLA Blake and Moderns Seminar9.2Fall 1975
MLA Seminar4.1August 1970
MLA Seminar13.4Spring 1980PDF
MLA Seminar 197710.4Spring 1977
MLA Seminar on Blake and the Moderns7.2Fall 1973
MLA Seminar: Laocoön10.3Winter 1976-77
MLA Volume on Blake’s Songs17.4Spring 1984PDF
MLA on Blake13.2Fall 1979
MLA on Blake13.3Winter 1979-1980
Mark Schorer 1908-197711.2Fall 1977
Marriage of Heaven and Hell at the Lancaster University Arts Festival3.2September 26, 1969PDF
Mary Wollstonecraft Newsletter5.3Winter, 1971-72
Met Exhibition Through June34.4Spring 2001PDF
Midwest MLA Blake13.1Summer 1979
Milton and the Romantics14.2Fall 1980PDF
Milton, the Opera29.4Spring 1996PDF
Minor additions to Blake bibliography in Peattie’s chapter on Blake2.1June 1, 1968PDF
Miscellaneous1.3December 15, 1967PDF
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Missing Issues12.4Spring 1979
Morgan Library Exhibition17.1Summer 1983PDF
Morgan Library’s New Blakes11.1Summer 1977
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Mr. B’s Rainbow13.1Summer 1979
Mrs. Blake & Faerie Queen11.2Fall 1977
NEH Summer Seminar26.4Spring 1993PDF
NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers28.2Fall 1994PDF
New Address for Paley11.1Summer 1977
New Annual9.4Spring 1976
New Beinecke Fellowships20.2Fall 1986PDF
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New Book on Stedman?33.2Fall 1999PDF
New Directions in Blake Scholarship and Teaching32.3Winter 1998/99PDF
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On the Formation of a Secular Jewish Saturday School in Brooklyn29.1Summer 1995PDF
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Our New Subscription System8.4Spring 1975
Paley’s Autumn Address17.1Summer 1983PDF
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Papers on Jung11.4Spring 1978
Pierre Boutang’s William Blake4.3Winter 1971
Pioneers of the Spirit—William Blake32.2Fall 1998PDF
Placing and Displacing Romanticism27.2Fall 1993PDF
Power and Passion in William Blake26.4Spring 1993PDF
Prose Studies14.2Fall 1980PDF
Prose Studies 1800-190011.2Fall 1977
Publications10.4Spring 1977
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Publications Received: The Golden Chain and Golgonooza Organ #14.3Winter 1971
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Romanticism and Imagination in Australia22.4Spring 1989PDF
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Romanticism in Perspective29.4Spring 1996PDF
Romanticism on the Net29.2Fall 1995PDF
Rose Lectures on Blake5.3Winter, 1971-72
Rosenwald Memorial Exhibition15.4Spring 1982PDF
Ruthven Todd Memoir13.1Summer 1979
Ruthven Todd: “Blake’s Dante Plates,” Gilchrist’s Life, article collection2.3December 15, 1968PDF
S. Foster Damon honored2.1June 1, 1968PDF
STS Conference18.2Fall 1984PDF
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Samuel Palmer in the Market10.3Winter 1976-77
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Santa Barbara Conference10.2Fall 1976
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Santa Cruz Conference on Blake and Criticism: Registration15.4Spring 1982PDF
Santa Cruz Conference: Blake & Criticism15.2Fall 1981PDF
Santa Cruz Conference: Blake & Criticism15.3Winter 1981/1982PDF
Satan Arousing the Rebel Angels26.1Summer 1992PDF
Scripting a City of Art: Golgonooza10.3Winter 1976-77
Secrets of Eternity27.2Fall 1993PDF
Shelley Bicentenary UNISA25.4Spring 1992PDF
Sir Geoffrey Keynes6.3Winter 1972-73
Songs Lecture26.4Spring 1993PDF
Songs Onstage in New York5.3Winter, 1971-72
Songs Sung and Recorded18.4Spring 1985PDF
Sotheby’s: Copy C of The [First] Book of Urizen4.3Winter 1971
Summer Wordsworth 197811.3Winter 1977-1978
Supplement to Blake Records18.3Winter 1984-85PDF
Susan Corban13.1Summer 1979
Swedenborg $300011.4Spring 1978
Symposium at York34.1Summer 2000PDF
Tate Blake Exhibition11.3Winter 1977-1978
Tate Cleans The Penance of Jane Shore6.1Summer 1972
Taurus Press8.3Winter 1974-75
Taurus Press America11.2Fall 1977
Temple University Blake Days7.2Fall 1973
Temporary Change of Address6.2Fall 1972
The 1993 Blake Cumulative Index27.3Winter 1993-1994PDF
The Animated Blake32.3Winter 1998/99PDF
The Apocalypse and the Shape of Things to Come32.3Winter 1998/99PDF
The Blake Journal32.2Fall 1998PDF
The Blake Society at St. James’s34.3Winter 2000/01PDF
The Blake Society at St. James’s Picadilly: Events in 199529.1Summer 1995PDF
The Characters of Spenser’s Faerie Queene9.4Spring 1976
The Complaint of Job4.2Fall 1970
The Cut Worm Forgives the Plow23.1Summer 1989PDF
The English Book in the Age of Romanticism21.4Spring 1988PDF
The English in Rome13.2Fall 1979
The Erdman Papers34.4Spring 2001PDF
The Gates of Paradise2.3December 15, 1968PDF
The Guardian on the transformation of no. 17 South Molton Street to a betting shop2.1June 1, 1968PDF
The Illuminated Blake Returns26.4Spring 1993PDF
The Making of the Mellon Center at Yale6.1Summer 1972
The Muggeridge Blake10.2Fall 1976
The NYPL Bulletin Summer 19759.4Spring 1976
The Northrop Frye Centre and the Frye Medal25.4Spring 1992PDF
The Norton Blake15.3Winter 1981/1982PDF
The Romantic Self16.2Fall 1982PDF
The Song of Milos11.2Fall 1977
The Wordsworth Circle, intended Fitzwilliam Museum catalogue, Job ballet, Blake graffiti3.4May, 1970
The idea of having a Blake Newsletter1.1June 15, 1967PDF
Thel Copy A10.4Spring 1977
This Man Reads Blake Aloud10.4Spring 1977
Three Catalogues3.4May, 1970
To Bring Them to Perfection Has Caused This Delay (E 745)29.2Fall 1995PDF
Todd Collection12.4Spring 1979
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Travel Notes23.2Fall 1989PDF
Trianon Press Archive Exhibition24.3Winter 1990/1991PDF
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Twenty-First Century Blake: Call for Papers31.3Winter 1997/98PDF
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W. H. Stevenson at Studies in Romanticism5.3Winter, 1971-72
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William Blake 1794/1994 Conference27.3Winter 1993-1994PDF
William Blake Archive Update32.3Winter 1998/99PDF
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William Blake Tarot Triumphs25.4Spring 1992PDF
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William Blake and His Circle21.2Fall 1987PDF
William Blake in the Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria23.2Fall 1989PDF
William Blake: Innocence and Experience26.2Fall 1992PDF
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Yale Center Symposium16.1Summer 1982PDF
Yale Center/Toronto Exhibition 15 September-14 November 198215.4Spring 1982PDF
Yale/Toronto Exhibition14.2Fall 1980PDF 2001PDF 2001PDF
“Blake’s Day”2.1June 1, 1968PDF
“In... Cambridge & in Oxford, places of Thought”29.1Summer 1995PDF
“States of the Human Soul: William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience”27.3Winter 1993-1994PDF
“Warring Angels”11.2Fall 1977
Ault, DonaldReport: 1974 MLA Blake Seminar8.4Spring 1975
Behrendt, Stephen C.MLA Special Session 1981: “Blake and the Art of His Time”15.4Spring 1982PDF
Bentley, Elizabeth B.Urizen in New York City33.1Summer 1999PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake Ephemera26.4Spring 1993PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.Blake and the XenoglotsbonusWinter 2004-05PDF
Bentley, G. E., Jr.More British Blake Notes4.3Winter 1971
Berson, Misha, Charles PeltonThe Mental Traveller, presented by Theatre of Man13.4Spring 1980PDF
Bindman, DavidAn Announcement10.3Winter 1976-77
Butlin, MartinAnother Blake Watercolor Cleaned at Tate Gallery6.2Fall 1972
Butlin, MartinBlake Purchase13.3Winter 1979-1980
Butlin, MartinJames Jefferys Update11.4Spring 1978
Butlin, MartinTate Blake Gallery12.2Fall 1978
Butlin, MartinThe Blake-Varley Sketchbook3.3December 15, 1969PDF
Carey, FrancesFragments from Songs of Innocence11.1Summer 1977
Carey, FrancesGraham Robertson Color Prints11.1Summer 1977
David, PrabuMinistry Continues...22.2Fall 1988PDF
Denham, Robert D.Northrop Frye, 1912-199124.4Spring 1991PDF
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Blake and the Communists11.1Summer 1977
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Jerusalem in Hamburg11.1Summer 1977
Dörrbecker, Detlef W.Job in Frankfurt Schauspielhaus11.4Spring 1978
Easson, Roger R., Kay EassonA Blake Symposium and a Blake Festival4.4Spring 1971
Easson, Roger R., Kay EassonA Catalogue Raisonné of Blake’s Book Illustrations4.4Spring 1971
Easson, Roger R., Kay EassonThe American Blake Foundation4.2Fall 1970
Eaves, MorrisReproducing The Characters of Spenser’s Faerie Queene8.3Winter 1974-75
Eaves, Morris, Morton D. PaleyBlake An Illustrated Quarterly11.1Summer 1977
Eldridge, AethelredAEthel-Gram9.2Fall 1975
Eldridge, AethelredGolgonooza10.2Fall 1976
Eldridge, AethelredGolgonooza, Ohio13.1Summer 1979
Erdman, David V.Doubleday to Publish New Facsimile4.3Winter 1971
Erdman, David V.MLA: Seminar 552.3December 15, 1968PDF
Erdman, David V.Teaching Blake4.2Fall 1970
Essick, Robert N.Songs Copy h15.1Summer 1981PDF
Fawcus, ArnoldRecent Publications4.2Fall 1970
Ferber, MichaelThe Limit of Opakeness23.4Spring 1990PDF
Ferber, MichaelThe Limit of Opakeness24.2Fall 1990PDF
Fine, Ruth E.Update to “A Checklist of Blake Material in The Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection”14.2Fall 1980PDF
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Grant, John E.Seminar 23: Methods of Studying the Illustrations of William Blake3.3December 15, 1969PDF
Grant, John E., Morton D. PaleySuggestions for future issues of the Newsletter1.1June 15, 1967PDF
Hamlyn, RobinBlake’s Fate at the Tate23.4Spring 1990PDF
Hilton, NelsonRosenwald Collection at the Library of Congress14.2Fall 1980PDF
Hilton, Nelson“Blake and the Eighteenth Century” at the 1980 MLA14.4Spring 1981PDF
Interlandi, FrankEditorial Cartoon9.2Fall 1975
Jones, Sarah Blake Goes Online Only45.4Spring 2012
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Phillips, MichaelBritish Blake News4.3Winter 1971
Pierce, HazelNew Blake Music4.4Spring 1971
Read, MartinA Vision for 1977 Envisioned by a Blakean Cat10.4Spring 1977
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Sklar, SusanneThe Jerusalem MarathonbonusWinter 2004-05PDF
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Tolley, Michael J.More Works in Progress4.1August 1970
Trudeau, GarryDoonesbury13.1Summer 1979
Warner, JanetGardner on the Songs14.2Fall 1980PDF
Warner, Janet A.MLA: Seminar 552.4April 1, 1969PDF
Wittreich, Joseph A., Jr.MLA Blake Seminar, December 19726.2Fall 1972
Worrall, DavidThe Blake Society20.2Fall 1986PDF


Bell, DanThe [First] Book of Blake19.3Winter 1985/1986PDF
Bennett, AlmaTeaching Blake28.3Winter 1994/95PDF
Betteridge, DavidEternity in Love40.1Summer 2006PDF
Bogan, JamesOutside the Toronto Art Gallery17.2Fall 1983PDF
Caplan, DavidBlake in Boca Raton30.1Summer 1996PDF
Gabriella, Katharyn R.Los’s Visit12.4Spring 1979
Goldstein, LaurenceSermon by Mr. Blake1.3December 15, 1967PDF
Graziano, FrankThe Last Judgement12.1Summer 1978
Grotz, JenniferThe Ladder43.2Fall 2009PDF
Harding, GunnarTwo Poems12.1Summer 1978
Miner, Paul denouement 45.4Spring 2012
Napora, JoeTrickster’s Song12.1Summer 1978
Paley, Morton D.Mr Blake’s Spectacles at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge12.1Summer 1978
Reiman, Donald H.A Significant New Blakean Fragment9.2Fall 1975
Roeske, PauletteMrs. Blake Requests Her Portrait24.4Spring 1991PDF
Shaddock, DavidNobodaddy Wakes from His Slumber38.3Winter 2004/2005PDF
Singer, IanBlake Books, for G. E. Bentley, Jr.32.4Spring 1999PDF
Stallworthy, JonIn Memory of Geoffrey Keynes, Kt., late of Lammas House, 1887-198217.2Fall 1983PDF
Stevenson, WarrenAre there fairies still in London?2.2September 15, 1968PDF
Stevenson, WarrenBifocal13.1Summer 1979
Stevenson, WarrenBlake at the Winter Solstice32.4Spring 1999PDF
Stevenson, WarrenCold Colloquy39.1Summer 2005PDF
Stevenson, WarrenLock / Luck22.4Spring 1989PDF
Stevenson, WarrenOn Blake’s Painting of Jesus and the Woman Taken in Adultery19.4Spring 1986PDF
Thompson, ShawnThanks Newton13.2Fall 1979


Allen Ginsberg, 1926-199731.1Summer 1997PDF
Martin K. Nurmi, 1920-200842.4Spring 2009PDF
Milton O. Percival, 1883-19759.4Spring 1976
Hilton, NelsonRodney M. Baine, 1913-200034.2Fall 2000PDF
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