Volume 15 · Issue 1

Summer 1981

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                    AN ILLUSTRATED QUARTERLY 57
                    Volume 15
                    Number 1
                    Summer 1981


New Information on Blake’s Illuminated Books
by Robert N. Essick
Blake and the Names Divine
by H. Summerfield
A Victorian Blake Facsimile
by Morton D. Paley
Romantic Context: Poetry
Garland Facsimiles Selected and Arranged by Donald H. Reiman
1 The Garland Facsimiles of the Poetry of James Montgomery
Reviewed by Judy Page
2 The Garland Facsimiles of the Poetry of Erasmus Darwin
Reviewed by Nelson Hilton
3 The Garland Facsimiles of the Poetry of William Hayley
Reviewed by Joseph Wittreich
Kathleen Raine, Blake and the New Age
Reviewed by Martin K. Nurmi
Fuseli, The Swiss, And The British: Some Recent Publications
Reviewed by Detlef W. Dörrbecker[e]
The Marlborough College Production of The Ghost of Abel
Reviewed by David Worrall
Let the Dead Ardours Live!
by David V. Erdman
Blake at MLA in 1981, Query, Songs Copy h [e]


DETLEF W. DÖRRBECKER[e] is an Associate Lecturer in the history of art at Trier University. Currently he is trying hard to get together a study of Blake’s principles of color composition.

DAVID V. ERDMAN’S new edition of Blake’s poetry and prose is scheduled for publication in November. A facsimile of The Four Zoas (with commentary), co-edited with Cettina Magno, is in press.

ROBERT N. ESSICK is Professor of English at the University of California, Riverside. His catalogue of Blake’s separate plates is forthcoming from Princeton Univ. Press.

NELSON HILTON’S “Blake in the Chains of Being” should be appearing in the current issue of The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation.

MARTIN K. NURMI teaches at Kent State University.

JUDITH PAGE is an Assistant Professor of English at Millsaps College.

MORTON D. PALEY is co-author, with Robert N. Essick, of Robert Blair’s The Grave with the Illustrations of William Blake: a Study with Facsimile (London: Scolar Press, 1981).

HENRY SUMMERFIELD teaches English at the University of Victoria, B. C., and is the author of That Myriad-minded Man: A Biography of George William Russell “A.E.” and An Introductory Guide to The Anathemata and the Sleeping Lord Sequence of David Jones.

JOSEPH WITTREICH (Professor of English at the University of Maryland, College Park) is the author of Angel of Apocalypse and Visionary Poetics.

DAVID WORRALL teaches in Newcastle Upon Tyne. His article on Blake’s imagery of the stars will be appearing in Bulletin of Research in the Humanities.

Cover: Milton, pl. 13. Separate impression, previously unrecorded. White-line etching, 15.9 × 11.1 cm., second state, printed in three colors. Philadelphia Museum of Art.

© Copyright 1981 by Morris Eaves & Morton D. Paley

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EDITORS: Morris Eaves, Univ. of New Mexico, and Morton D. Paley, Univ. of California, Berkeley.

BIBLIOGRAPHER: Thomas L. Minnick, Ohio State Univ.

REVIEW EDITOR: Nelson Hilton, Univ. of Georgia, Athens.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR FOR GREAT BRITAIN: Frances A. Carey, Assistant Curator, Department of Prints and Drawings, British Museum.

PRODUCTION OFFICE: Morris Eaves, Department of English, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131, TELEPHONE 505/277-3103.
Morton D. Paley, Department of English, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720.
Thomas L. Minnick, University College, Ohio State University, 1050 Carmack Road, Columbus, Ohio 43210.
Nelson Hilton, Department of English, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602.
Frances A. Carey, Department of Prints and Drawings British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, England.

          THE NOTES.
          CANTO I.
          ROSICRUSIAN machinery.
          All bodies are immersed in the matter of
          heat. Particles of bodies do not touch each
          Gradual progress of the formation of the
          earth, and of plants and animals. Monstrous
          Fixed stars approach towards each other,
          they were projected from chaos by explosion,
          and the planets projected from them
          An atmosphere of inflammable air above the
          common atmosphere principally about the poles
          Twilight fifty miles high. Wants further
          Immediate cause of volcanos from steam
          and other vapours. They prevent greater
          Conductors of heat. Cold on the tops of
          Phosphorescent light in the evening from
          all bodies
          Phosphoric light from calcined shells. Bolognian
          stone. Experiments of Beccari and
          Ignis fatuus doubtful
          Electric Eel. Its electric organs. Compared
          to the electric Leyden phial
          Discovery of fire. Tools of steel. Forests
          subdued. Quantity of food increased by
          Medusa originally an hieroglyphic of divine
          Cause of explosions from combined heat.
          Heat given out from air in respiration. Oxygene
          looses less heat when converted into
          nitrous acid than in any other of its combinations
          Sparks from the collision of flints are
          electric. From the collision of flint and steel
          are from the combustion of the steel
          Gunpowder described by Bacon. Its
          power. Should be lighted in the centre. A
          new kind of it. Levels the weak and strong
          Steam-engine invented by Savery. Improved
          by Newcomen. Perfected by Watt
          and Boulton
          Divine benevolence. The parts of nature
          not of equal excellence
          Mr. Boulton’s steam-engine for the purpose
          of coining would save many lives from
          the executioner
          Labours of Hercules of great antiquity.
          Pillars of Hercules. Surface of the Mediteranean
          lower than the Atlantic. Abyla and 
          Calpe. Flood of Deucalion
          Accumulation of electricity not from friction
          Mr. Bennet’s sensible electrometer
          Halo of saints is pictorial language
          We have a sense adapted to perceive heat
          but not electricity
          Paralytic limbs move by electric influence
          Death of Professor Richman by electricity
          Lightning drawn from the clouds. How
          to be safe in thunder storms
          Animal heat from air in respiration. Perpetual
          necessity of respiration. Spirit of animation
          perpetually renewed
          Cupid rises from the egg of night. Mrs.
          Cosway’s painting of this subject
          Western-winds. Their origin. Warmer
          than south-winds. Produce a thaw
          Water expands in freezing. Destroys succulent
          plants, not resinous ones. Trees in
          valleys more liable to injury. Fig-trees bent
          to the ground in winter
          Buds and bulbs are the winter cradle of
          the plant. Defended from frost and from
          insects. Tulip produces one flower-bulb and
          several leaf-bulbs, and perishes.
Notes, The Economy of Vegetation.  
Argument of the First Canto.
          THE Genius of the place invites the Goddess of Botany. 
          1. She descends, is received by Spring, and the Elements, 59.
          Addresses the Nymphs of Fire. Star-light Night seen in the Camera
          Obscura, 81. I. Love created the Universe. Chaos explodes. All
          the Stars revolve. God. 97. II. Shooting Stars. Lightning.
          Rainbow. Colours of the Morning and Evening Skies. Exterior
          Atmosphere of inflammable Air. Twilight. Fire-balls. Aurora
          Borealis. Planets. Comets. Fixed Stars. Sun’s Orb, 115.
          III. 1. Fires at the Earth’s Centre. Animal Incubation, 137. 2.
          Volcanic Mountains. Venus visits the Cyclops, 149. IV. Heat
          confined on the Earth by the Air. Phosphoric light in the Evening.
          Bolognian Stone. Calcined Shells. Memnon’s Harp, 173.
          Ignis fatuus. Luminous Flowers. Glow-worm. Fire-fly. Luminous
          Sea-insects. Electric Eel. Eagle armed with Lightning,
          189. V. 1. Discovery of Fire. Medusa, 209. 2. The chemical
          Properties of Fire. Phosphorus. Lady in Love, 223. 2. Gun-powder,
          237. VI. Steam-engine applied to Pumps, Bellows,
          Water-engines, Corn-mills, Coining, Barges, Waggons, Flying-chariots,
          253. Labours of Hercules. Abyla and Calpe, 297. VII.
          1. Electric Machine. Hesperian Dragon. Electric kiss. Halo
          round the heads of Saints. Electric Shock. Fairy-rings, 335.
          2. Death of Professor Richman, 371. 2. Franklin draws Lightning
The Economy of Vegetation, Canto I.  


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