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Index to Vol. II, nos. 1-4 (whole #5-8)

Allentuch, Marcia, Lady Asquith on Blake 4(8): 72

Announcements of Publications & Papers

Blake papers to be read at English Institute 2(6):16
Blake Studies, Kay Long & Roger R. Easson 1(5):4
Contents of first Blake Studies 2(6):16
Erdman, David V., “The Binding . . . of Vala 2(6):16
Illustrations to the Divine Comedy, Alan J. Marks 4(8):61
Johnsonian Newsletter, works in progress edition 2(6):16
Keynes, Sir Geoffrey, Letters, new edition 2(6):16
Paley, Morton D., Energy and Imagination 2(6):16
Parris, Leslie, “William Blake’s Mr. Thomas” 3(7):48
Studies in Burke and His Time 2(6):16
Swinburne, William Blake, new edition 4(8):60-61
Todd, Ruthven, “Blake’s Dante Plates” reprinted 3(7):35
Trianon facsimile of “Gates of Paradise” 3(7):38

Answers to Queries:

Bentley, G.E., Jr., Where Butts lived 3(7):58
Measurements of Songs facsimile 1(5):14
Bentley, G.E., Jr. “All the Evidence that’s Fit to Print,” (R.C. Jackson on Blake) 1(5):11-13
—, “A[e] Census of Coloured Copies of Young’s Night Thoughts (1797) 3(7):41-45
Emendation 4(8):72
—, “Sterne[e] and Blake” 4(8):64-65
—, Supplement to A Blake Bibliography 4(8):part ii

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Bentley, G.E., Jr., Supplement to A Blake Bibliography 4(8):part ii
Checklist of Blake Publications, June ’67-May ’68 Karen Walowit 1(5):6-8,14
Checklist, additions, Erdman, Ryskamp, Easson 2(6):16,34
Further addition 3(7):36
Emendation to June ’67 Checklist, G.E. Bentley, Jr. 3(7):36
Tolley, Michael J. “Three Bibliographical Additions” 1(5):10
“Blake’s Last Picture,” poem by George P. Thomas, Leslie Parris 4(8):68
Blake section at English Institute, report R.P. Kolker 3(7):36-37
Blake seminar at ’68 MLA, announced, David V. Erdman 3(7):37-38
Reviewed, Janet A. Warner 4(8):60
Buck, John, “Miss Groggery,” a Tyger in the Tower 3(7):40-41
Butlin, Martin, note on Kostelanetz review 2(6):34
—, “William Rossetti’s Annotations to Gilchrist’s Life of William Blake 3(7):39-40
Celebration of “Blake’s Day” at U. of Iowa 1(5):3
Cummings, Frederic, “Blake at Detroit and Philadelphia” 3(7):46-48
Damon, S. Foster, Dictionary, changes, additions, and deletions for second printing 1(5):2
—, Festchrift, table of contents 1(5):2
Damoniana 1(5):3
Dissertation on Rossetti by Roger W. Peattie, Michael J. Tolley 1(5):4
Erdman, David V., Announcement of Blake seminar[e] at ’68 MLA 3(7):37-38
—, “Every Thing Has Its Vermin” 4(8):68
—, Honorable mentions, English Institute papers 3(7):37
—, Jerusalem 95:2-20 3(7):49
Grant, John E., “Mother[e] of Invention, Father in Drag” 2(6):29-32
—, “Mothers and Methodology” 3(7):50-54
Jerusalem 43:28, “locks” to rd. “rocks,” Joanne Witke 4(8):72
Kolker, Robert P., “Blake in the Institute” 3(7):36-37
—, postscript to 17 South Molton Street 1(5):3
“The Little Boy Lost,” controversy on breast size continued, John E. Grant 2(6):29-31;3(7):54
Biblical Allusion to same, Niels Christian Hetz 3(7):54
Moss, W.E., “The Coloured Copies of Blake’s ‘Night Thoughts’” 2(6):19-23
Newsletter congratulates MLA on moving convention 4(8):61

Night Thoughts:

previously unpublished article on colored copies, W.E. Moss 2(6):19-23
Census of colored copies, G.E. Bentley, Jr. 3(7):41-45
Emendation 4(8):72
John E. Grant awarded ACLS fellowship for edition (with Rose and Tolley) 1(5):3
Nineteenth Century reference to Blake, Joseph A. Wittreich, Jr. 1(5):13-14
Paley, Morton, D., “Front Matter” 1(5):1
—, “Business” 2(6):15
—, “Thomas Johnes, ‘Ancient Guardian of Wales’” 4(8):65-66
see Erdman, “Every Thing Has Its Vermin” 4(8):68

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Adlard, John, “Milton 29: A Retort to William Frend?” 4(8):73
Bentley, G.E., Jr., “A Fügitive or Apocryphal Blake Engraving?” 4(8):74
Erdman, David V., eight queries for revised Blake: Prophet[e] 2(6):24-25
Knowledge of contemporary Blake facsimiles? 1(5):14
Miner, Paul, information on Blake & London? 4(8):74
Paley, Morton D., Pun in “English Encouragement of Art”? 3(7):58
Stevenson, Warren, dates for Haley’s possession of Jubilate Agno? 1(5):14
Todd, Ruthven, 1802-1803 Exhibit? 3(7):58
—, more queries about 1821 Songs facsimile 1(5):14
—, various queries for new Gilchrist edition 2(6):25-28


Callahan, Patrick J., review of John Beer’s Blake’s Humanism 4(8):69-70
Kostelanetz, Anne T., review of Romantic Art in Britain, catalogue by Cummings and Staley 1(5):4-6
Paley, Morton D., review of Blake Concordance 2(6):33
Stevenson, W.E., review of The LEtters of William Blake, ed. Keynes 4(8):71-72
Tolley, Michael J., review of John W. Ehrstine’s William Blake’s Poetical Sketches 3(7):55-57
Rosenfeld, Alvin, a Yiddish poem on Blake by Reuben Iceland[e] 1(5):9
Songs, list of four critical items in Theoria 1(5):3
Stevenson, Warren, poem 2(6):34
Thompson, E.P., report on Columbia U. lecture, Fred A. Whitehead 1(5):3
Todd, Ruthven, Gilchrist articles presented to Preston Library 3(7):35-36
—, on new edition of Gilchrist 2(6):25-28
Tolley, Michael J., “Blake’s[e] Debt to Pope” 4(8):62-64
—, “Three Bibliographical Additions” 1(5):10
Tyger in Tower Blake may have seen or read about, John Buck 3(7):40-41
Warner, Janet, report on MLA Blake seminar 4(8):60
Whitehead, Fred A., E.P. Thompson’s lecture at Columbia 1(5):3
Witke, Joanne, Jer. 43:28, “locks” to rd. “rocks” 4(8):72
Wittreich, Joseph A., Jr., “A Note on Blake & Milton” 2(6):17-18
—, a nineteenth century reference to Blake 1(5):13-14
Yiddish poem on Blake by Reuben Iceland, Alvin Rosenfeld 1(5):9

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