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Summer 1983

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ROBERT ALTER is Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of California at Berkeley. His two most recent books are The Art of Biblical Narrative (Basic Books, 1981) and Motives for Fiction, which will be published in 1984 by Harvard University Press.

SHELLEY M. BENNETT, Ph.D. in Art History from UCLA (1977), has published on aspects of English art, in particular eighteenth-century book illustration. She is currently Assistant Curator of the Henry E. Huntington Art Gallery.

ELIZABETH B. BENTLEY wrote her review at the Bodleian Library. The proofreading was done in Shanghai, where she is teaching at Fudan and Tongji Universities. Normally, she teaches and resides in Toronto.

G. E. BENTLEY, JR., sometime of the universities of Chicago, Toronto, Algiers and Poona, is currently Fulbright Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of Fudan University, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China, where he lives in luxury (maid-service, personal interpreter, transportation) and teaches Blake.

V. A. DE LUCA is Professor of English at the University of Toronto. His article, “The Changing Order of Plates in Jerusalem, Chapter II,” appeared in the Spring 1983 issue of Blake.

DAVID ERDMAN is very hopeful he’s found a publisher for the Four Zoas facsimile with commentary on the designs, by Professor Magno and himself.

ALEXANDER S. GOURLAY is an instructor at the College of Wooster (Ohio). He is writing a dissertation on The Book of Thel and Visions of the Daughters of Albion and is co-author (with John E. Grant) of an essay on Blake and Reynolds forthcoming in the Bulletin of Research in the Humanities.

NELSON HILTON’SLiteral Imagination: Blake’s Vision of Words has just been published by the University of California Press.

THERESA M. KELLEY, Associate Professor of English at the University of Texas at San Antonio, is the author of articles on Wordsworth, romantic figuration, eighteenth-century iconography and the sister arts. She is completing a book on Wordsworth’s aesthetics as an archeology of the mind.

DONALD H. REIMAN’S volumes VII and VIII of Shelley and His Circle wend their way through several stages of proof toward publication in 1984, while he also shepherds to press the first dozen volumes of Manuscripts of the Younger Romantics, of which he is General Editor. In this series Garland Publishing begin page 3 | back to top will issue in facsimile, with full scholarly apparatus, important literary manuscripts of Byron, Shelley, Keats, and their circles.

MICHAEL J. TOLLEY is currently Chairman of the Department of English at the University of Adelaide, thus adding further delays to his continuing work on William Blake’s Designs to Edward Young’s Night Thoughts and Blake’s use of the Bible: an annotated checklist. He is, however, reviewing Tannenbaum for SiR and preparing an article on Blake’s (as he maintains) “To the Nightingale.”

JANET WARNER is Associate Professor of English at Glendon College, York University, Toronto.


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