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Query A Projected New Edition of the Gilchrist-Todd Life of Blake Ruthven Todd Volume 1 · Issue 4 (March 15, 1968)
2. A PROJECTED NEW EDITION OF THE GILCHRIST-TODD LIFE OF BLAKE Mr. Ruthven Todd writes that he (...) in 1942. The extensive notes to this edition are, even after 25 years, invaluable, and now Mr. Todd (...) notes, to sign them by the names of the contributors. Mr. Todd’s address is: Ca’n Bielo, Galilea
Minute Particular “Poisonous Blues” and Other Pigments Ruthven Todd Volume 14 · Issue 1 (Summer 1980)
MINUTE PARTICULARS “POISONOUS BLUES,” AND OTHER PIGMENTS By Ruthven Todd NOTE: Several years ago (...) a letter from Ruthven Todd giving us his preliminary thoughts on the matter and promising, as Ruthven’s (...) of these notes. It had a more symbolical than actual pigmentary meaning by the end of the 18th Century. [Todd’s
Query Songs facsimile Ruthven Todd Volume 2 · Issue 1 (June 1, 1968)
QUERIES Ruthven Todd suggests: “The early facsimile of the Songs seems to be to be the work of one
Query Revising edition of Gilchrist’s Life Ruthven Todd Volume 2 · Issue 2 (September 15, 1968)
2. From Ruthven Todd, revising his edition of Gilchrist’s Life: For several months now I have been
Query “Exhibiting my two Pictures” Ruthven Todd Volume 2 · Issue 3 (December 15, 1968)
anyone know anything about this exhibition, and did Blake exhibit? Ruthven Todd